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Who Is Jon Bernthal? Jon Bernthal’s Net Worth, Career, And More

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Jon Bernthal

Jonathan Edward Bernthal was born on September 20, 1976, in Washington, D.C. He was born into a Jewish household. Jon and Eric Bernthal are his mom and dad. His dad is a former prosecutor who served as the Humane Society’s chairman and chief executive of directors till 2019. Jon went to Sidwell Friends School and then to Skidmore College. He was a baseball player in college.

Bernthal was recognized in Moscow by the chief executive of Harvard’s Institute of Applied Theater Training. Bernthal earned his graduate program in 2002 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He shifted to New York after finishing his studies to seek a career in theatre.

Personal life

Bernthal wedded trauma nurse Erin Angle on September 25, 2010, in Potomac, Maryland. She is the nephew of Kurt Angle, a former professional wrestler. Alma Becker, his performing teacher, wedded them. Henry, the pair’s first child, was born in August 2011. Billy arrived in Jan 2013, and Adeline came in February 2015.

Bernthal is a vocal supporter of pit bulls. He is a spokesman for the Animal Farm Foundation, which rescues dangerous dogs and advocates for fair treatment of the breed. Bernthal is the owner of three pit bulls. Boss and Venice both appear in his upcoming movie Rampart. His latest pit bull is Bam Bam.


Bernthal spent several years in New York City, appearing in over 30 Off-Broadway shows during that time. In 2006, he relocated to Los Angeles. In 2006, he landed his first reoccurring, permanent role in The Class’s television show. Sadly, the show was discontinued after only one series. Bernthal does his best performance in 2010, 2012, 2018, and onward. He won many awards and get achievements in his fields. His major success was in films and also in a series. He is well known for his villain character.

Over the years, he played intermittent roles in movies and TV shows, but it wasn’t until 2009’s “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” that he got a big break, portraying Al Capone. His 2013 performance in “The Wolf of Wallstreet” remains his most notable cinematic role. When he began portraying Shane Walsh on “The Walking Dead” in 2010, Bernthal landed his most prominent television role. Until 2012, when his character was killed off, he was a regular on the show.

Net worth

Jon Bernthal is a passionate American actor and has a net worth of $10 million. He is well known for his best roles in different films and series as Shane Walsh on AMC’s The Walking Dead. He is famous for his villain character and his hit personality. And he’s on The Walking Dead, and he got paid $80,000 per episode. The actor earns $350,000 each episode for Daredevil and The Punisher efforts. He was paid $1.6 million for his role in the 2018 heist flick Widows.

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Addition in world trade center

In addition to World Trade Center, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, How I Met Your Mother and Mob City. He also acted in Earl and Me and the Dying Girl, which received the Sundance Film Festival’s Grand Jury Prize for Drama in 2015. Bernthal appeared in the Irish adventure thriller film Pilgrimage in 2017. Bernthal plays the Mute in the movie, based in the 13th century. Bernthal, a trained actor, looked at the camera throughout the shoot, refusing to listen to the actors or staff. Bernthal’s performance gained great praise.

Reported case of Bernthal

A run-in with someone who’s been bothering Bernthal while he’s out exercising his dog while he was in his 30s resulted in a brawl that nearly put him in jail. Bernthal told Esquire in 2017 that he assaulted the man who was chasing him home and was hauled in for interrogation when the man smacked his head against the ground and took a long time to come back to life.

His siblings are as perfect as he is. Nicholas is an orthopedic physician and UCLA professor. Thomas is the CEO of a consultancy firm married to Facebook COO and millionaire Sheryl Sandberg. His relative, musician Adam Schlesinger, died in April 2020 of COVID-19 problems during the virus’s global epidemic.

Real estate

In the summertime of 2015, Bernthal marketed his graphic novel Venice villa for $1.95 million, which was $55,000 more than his market rate of $1.895 million. Bernthal and his family paid $1.012 million for the residence in 2010. The rebuilt countryside English cottage, built-in 1926, is marked by a sloping roof, a curved stairway, and a kitchenette. The house is 1,874 square feet and features formal dining and living rooms, a renovated kitchen, four guestrooms, and three bathrooms. The home’s historical details include curved doors, natural wood flooring, and a lumber fireplace. French doors lead to a screened porch with a fire pit, lush greenery, and a built-in BBQ.

Advocacy and charity

Advocacy and charity are two important components of making a positive impact in society. Advocacy involves speaking out and raising awareness about a particular cause or issue, working towards bringing about change through activism and policy-making. Charity, on the other hand, involves providing financial and material support to individuals or organizations that are working towards a good cause. Both advocacy and charity play a crucial role in promoting social justice, supporting the less fortunate, and improving the lives of individuals and communities. By working together, individuals and organizations can bring about significant change and make a lasting impact on the world.

Bernthal played an essential role in advocacy and charity. He is famous for this also. Drops Fill Buckets, which Bernthal and his brother Nicholas run, is defined as an “impact-driven, innovative culture to making a real difference.” Bernthal is also a supporter of pit bull possession and a spokesman for the Animal Farm Foundation, which recovers and encourages pit bull equality. He owns three pit bulls that cover pages him to site; two of them, Boss and Venice, were in his 2012 film Rampart.

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