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Milwaukee Drill New Tool For 2023


It all began in 1918. World War I was coming to an end and automobile business tycoon Henry Ford was looking for an engineer who would be eager to design a small lightweight, portable model of the 1/4″ capacity power drill. A young Wisconsin manufacturer named A.H. Petersen A.H. Petersen was able to accept Ford’s offer, and came up with what became called the Hole-Shooter. With a weight of just 5lbs, this innovative tool was powered by an asynchronous Westinghouse motor. It it was the very first drill for industrial use light enough to operate using just one hand yet powerful enough to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use.

A few years later, in 1922 Petersen became a business associate Albert F. Siebert, and they created The A.H. Petersen Company. Tragically the company was destroyed by a fire in their manufacturing facility later in the year and the financial loss caused the company to shut their doors. The year 1924 was the year Siebert managed to buy the remaining assets of the company through auction and it was able to reopen the business with the name Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, in the hope of making use of the potential sales possibilities of Petersen Hole-Shooter. It didn’t stop there. Here are some of the most memorable moments in Milwaukee’s innovative tool company time.

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