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Vital Rules to Keep in Mind While Studying in the USA as an International Student

Vital Rules to Keep in Mind While Studying in the USA as an International Student

Understand that every country has its own list of rules for the safety of people and their growth. Every citizen or migrant living in the country must abide by all the rules prevalent in the country. And these rules are also applicable to international students studying in the USA. There could be some things that are freely usable in your home country. But the same things such as Marijuana could be illegal to use in another country. Know that breaking the rules prevalent in the country can trap you in legal issues. You must know that in most cases, the government often deports back the violator to his home country. Thus, it is mandatory to have knowledge of important rules prevalent in the country to avoid falling prey to legal issues.

Without any doubt, the rules are constructed for the safety, management, and growth of the people living there. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with following the rules and regulations. Do you want to have a meticulous knowledge of the most important rules in the USA? If yes, then read this article deliberately.

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Here, go through the following pointers to have knowledge of the important rules that every internal student, studying in the USA must abide by:


Marijuana is illegal


You have seen Indian people freely consuming Marijuana and clicking selfies with this plant. Well, to your surprise, the usage of the Marijuana plant is illegal in the USA. However, there are some areas in the country in which the usage of this plant is allowed for medical purposes. But if you ever travel to the USA, try to keep a distance from Marijuana. Otherwise, get ready to face legal troubles. Especially, if you love to consume Marijuana and upload selfies with it on Facebook or Instagram. Doing so in the USA can expose you to legal issues. Thus, avoid using Marijuana during your stay in the USA.


Stalking and harassment are crimes


You must have seen some scoundrels roaming and harassing people in the streets of India freely. Well, this is not the case with the USA. The USA government has taken strict measures to curb these kinds of incidents. No doubt, the government is strictly curbing these kinds of incidences by taking strict measures but not as the USA does. Therefore, avoid being part of the group of people who harass people and stalk them. Even stalking people can get the stalker imprisonment for a specified period of time and will deport the stalker to his home country. Thus, students, studying in the USA, should distance themselves from the people who indulge in these kinds of crimes.


Rules regarding Alcohol 


Well, in India, you must have seen people drinking in public and roaming the streets. It is hard to notice such incidences in the USA as public drinking is unlawful. Thus, don’t drink in the public, not even at your friend’s request. Also. for your kind information, people under the age of 21 are banned from buying Alcohol. Therefore, if you are below the age of 21, then, avoid buying Alcohol, no matter what. Also, know that violating the driving rules by driving after consuming Alcohol can expel you from the country within a few days. Thus, if you have drunk Alcohol at a bar or party, then avoid driving on your own. Book a taxi to reach your home or ask your friends to drop you at your home. 


Call 911


In India, when you witness life-threatening trouble then, what do you do in such a situation? You recall the number that concerns the troubles to get help. Such as for an ambulance, you need to dial 102, to contact the police, you dial 100, and for fire cases, you have to dial 101. But that’s not the case in the USA, you just need to dial the universal number 911 to get instant help. Therefore, memorize the universal number 911 to tackle life-threatening situations in the USA. However, in India, there is a national emergency number i.e 112  which can be dialed to get instant help in the case of fire or any other life-threatening troubles. 

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Remember to follow all the rules mentioned above to continue your staying for studying in the USA peacefully. Also, don’t carelessly roam the streets of the USA with your passport. It is wise to take care of your essentials even if you are given the safest location to stay.

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