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5 things you can do in Kenya for an unforgettable holiday


The incredible African continent represents humanity’s cradle. From our ancient beginnings to our modern-day living situation, we owe our legacy to our African ancestors. Visiting our beginnings and returning to where humanity started can be a humbling experience. Kenya is one of many jewels in Africa, and an incredible place to see. The mountains of Kenya and its beaches, deserts and oceans are all stark contrasts and adventures to be had. We suggest that you start packing your bags and get going! We offer some of the best things to see and do below!

1. Bask in Kenya’s Rustic Beaches

Rarely does someone associate Kenya with beaches, surfing and basking on the white sand, while drinking a cocktail! Kenya’s beaches are not known worldwide which is a shame and a blessing. The good part of the obscurity of Kenya’s beaches is that they are still intact, pristine and not swarmed over with tourists. You can experience something truly unique, wild and primal while walking on white sands and exploring the underwater UNESCO heritage sites.

Kenya’s shores lie on the Indian Ocean, where a warm current washes over them. Stretching a hammock between two palm trees, and enjoying the peace as the ocean caresses the shores and your soul is a recipe for the perfect vacation. We would like to mention Diani Beach and Watamu, as your first items on the list. From there go wherever the waves take you.

 2. Luxury Safari Lodges

Modern-day safari is far from what you may think. There is no reason to deprive yourself of joy, luxury and comfort while you experience Kenya. Modern tourism inside Kenya’s luxury safari lodges offers you a new perspective of the country, where you can refill your batteries in an instant and begin your adventure again. Witnessing the sunrise or sunset from a room filled with comfort and safety takes nothing from the experience of travelling thru Kenya.

Modern tourism is all about choices, where you can still go for the rustic and outback Kenyan safari. For all others, who are maybe coming here for the first time or are used to a different kind of accommodation, Kenya is there to provide options. Or you can treat them as your restart point, from which you can launch your adventures through Kenya, and have a great place to return.

3. Learn all about the Maasai tribes

The Maasai are the ingenious tribes that inhabit Kenya and can be representative of its soul. The culture, traditions, food, music and rituals that fill the Kenyan culture all come from the Maasai who keep them alive to this day. Saying that the Maasai live as one with the land is an understatement because their culture is so ingrained in Kenya that they can be viewed as one entity. With the help of great and willing volunteer abroad work, the Maasai tribes can continue to flourish.

Helping with building, medical care, communal work and preserving wildlife all go towards keeping Kenyan wildlife intact and going. When Kenya opened up to the world and its tourism flourished, it attracted all the good and bad from the world. It’s our responsibility to tip the scales towards our favour and help preserve its intact beauty.

4. Witness the Great Migration of Kenya wildlife

What most people do associate Kenya with is its diverse and rich wildlife. The Great Migration offers you a chance to catch a glimpse of this incredible natural event, where countless beasts travel across Kenya. Witnessing it from a safe distance and with certified tour guides will take nothing from the experience, and you’ll be safe. Large or small, flying or walking, herbivorous or predator, all beasts travel across Kenya during their natural cycle.

It is a phenomenon that started long before we walked the fields and it must be preserved for generations to come. Realising our role in the circle of life and our place in the world will come naturally when you see a hear galloping thru Kenya fields. As the ground trembles at their might, or when entire lakes turn pink from flamingos, you will grow to appreciate the animals even more.

5. Explore all of Kenya’s national parks

We’ve saved the best for last, with our cherry-picked Kenya’s national parks.  The Samburu national park, Amboseli national park, Meru national park and Tsavo national park are all great, and there’s no dispute. Whichever you pick for your first choice will serve as the perfect starting point.

The entire nation of Kenya is a wildlife reserve, with UNESCO sites, national parks and wildlife reserves. Walking thru them is like experiencing a time-travelling journey, to when our Earth was young and untouched by human hands. Kenya’s wildlife is there to help you reconnect with Mother Nature, and the only thing you have to do is walk, experience and stay as long as you can.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and travelling somewhere you’ve never imagined you would go is how great memories come and stay with you for a lifetime. Kenya is a wild and exotic paradise, where adventure and something new await you at every corner. So pack your bags, clear your schedule and free up plenty of photo space. You will need all of it for the unforgettable sights you will see in Kenya!