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6 Metal Choices to Make Your Wedding Bands Appealing

Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding bands are not just about diamonds, but they include all aspects of ring settings. Though the diamond is the essential part of the wedding ring, the metal that holds it all together must also be chosen wisely. Therefore, it is necessary to explore all the metal options before finalizing the diamond wedding rings for the ceremony.

The points to consider while choosing the right metal are diamond suitability, the weight of the metal, reactiveness to the surrounding, and long-lasting life. The list must also include the characteristics like shine, color, and maintenance needs of the metal.

The List of Such Top Metal is:

1.         Platinum:

This metal has been topping the list of diamond wedding ring sets for a long time. The reason for the popularity is the shine and durability. This metal has a white hue and a soft glow that never goes away. The ore is even rarer than the gold to mine. This is the purest metal ranging between 90-95% and looks all glamorous when beholding the diamond on top. This is one of the top choices made in the case of men’s wedding rings for comfort and long life.

2.         Gold:

This is the basic, most used, and standard metal in wedding bands. This metal offers a lustrous shine like no other. Everyone accepts that gold is a timeless beauty for matching wedding bands. Yet what beholds the popularity of the metal are its strength, purity, and long-lasting life.

Now there are even many types available the metal, such as yellow gold, white gold, green gold, pink, and rose gold. The purity of the metal depends on the carat choice, but 24 carats is considered the purest one to go for.

3.         Silver:

This is one more valued metal carried over from the past. This is one of the most affordable choices for rings; especially sterling silver is preferred the most. Sterling silver is a combination of pure silver and copper, prolonging its life and making it stronger. Still, this metal is chosen for delicate diamond wedding bands due to its soft and flexible characteristics. It is available in a bright white or grayish-white shade with a matte or shiny finish.

4.         Titanium:

Titanium is one famous choice in current times made for the strength this metal possesses. Also, the best part about the metal is that despite its immeasurable strength, it has no weight. This makes it a choice for the diamond anniversary rings. Black, grey, and silver are the best choices available in the metal to match the diamond for a wedding. Also, it suits well for both genders.

5.         Steel:

Stainless steel has consistently been recognized for its strength, durable life, and affordable nature. It also comes with a shiny texture with the option of various kinds of polishing. This makes it an excellent choice for diamond anniversary rings to keep it a low-profile option. Many also choose it for simplicity.

6.         Tungsten:

This is also a good choice that many are going for. The metal is more robust than titanium and offers a unique texture to match the wedding diamond. This is the purest element used in the making and needs minimal maintenance throughout life.

Concluding Note

The choice of metal is necessary though the stone grabs all the attention. The metal you choose will hold the diamond and your bond together for a long time; therefore, a wise choice with the proper guidance is suggested. Such guidance is a forte of experts working at the Rummele’s jewelers, and they never let go of an opportunity to bring the precious smile to faces flushed with love.

Wedding band selection is one of the most challenging tasks at a wedding. Current choices available for the metal in the market are well known for their strength and long life. The critical point is that the band should be comfortable for both and let the big stone dazzle with complete freedom.