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6 Tips To Increase Your English Essay Writing Skills

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English is the most read and published language in the world. The United Nations has accepted English as the international language. But for international students, who belong to a thousand different linguistic backgrounds, it is difficult to stand in the same seat as native English speakers.

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Many professional tutoring agencies have opened exclusive services to improve English language skills for non-native speakers. MyAssignmenthelp is one such website. You can vouch for these websites for temporary assistance, but if you want to improve your language-speaking and writing skills, here are 5 options.

2. Draw and outline

Before writing a single passage or essay, outline your work. Your outline will give you a direction and purpose, signaling the way where you should take your piece. We have a habit of moving in different directions while we go along the writing. But the outline will always keep us in check and provide thorough guidance on where you must go and where you must not.

Take a different sheet for your outline. Then, make a structure in that sheet. You may not have to follow the entire structure in your actual piece, but the outline symbolizes the main points you cannot afford to lose.

3. Be mindful of your voice changes

Voices play a crucial role in your grammar and syntax. You can write the same expressions in millions of ways depending on your narrator’s voice. There are mainly two voices in the English language: one, the active voice, and two, the passive voice.

When the narrator states the fact directly using the first form of the verb, it follows an active voice narration. On the other hand, when the narrator usually presents a third-person narrative, he must choose the third form of the verb. In formal writing, you may follow a third-person narrative, while in narration-style writing, you must write in the first person and second person. Thus, active and passive voices play a huge role in forming the base of your linguistic understanding.

4. Practice reading and listening

Reading and listening have huge roles to play in practicing the English language. Your English will never improve unless you listen to how original speakers speak and habituate to those speeches.

Try to take audio lessons and classes where you have to master the auditory habit of the language and shape it accordingly.

The best way to begin listening practice is by reading. However, you cannot make the best out of reading exercises if you do not read aloud.

You must listen to what you are saying and how the original author wrote English to express a particular narrative or story. Then, try to perfect your pronunciation and accent. It is not mandatory to follow the same accent all the time, though. But try to go as close to native English speakers as possible.

5. Attend “writing mock-tests.”

Mock tests are the best way to improve your writing and grammatical errors. Also, you must master the clause and the vocabulary to express the same thing differently. So, if you want to attain the best writing skills in the quickest time, then give as many mock tests as possible.

6. Revise and edit

After finishing the writing, you must go through the piece multiple times, revise your content, and check the grammar, syntax and punctuation before publishing the final paper. You will find better alternatives and wrong sentences each time you review your document.

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