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9 Social Media Calendars, Tools to Plan Your Content


How can we manage everything in life? That takes a lot of time and effort. But if we talk about social media calendar then everything seems so easy and fast. Should I post every day or only once per week? What tools can help me plan my posts? From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to Snapchat, these platforms allow companies to reach millions of potential customers at the touch of a button.

 But before you start posting content, you need to decide whether you want to create a schedule or post whenever you feel like it. Both strategies have advantages and disadvantages. You’ll be able to better manage your time and accomplish more if you follow a plan. On the other hand, if you post whenever you feel inspired, you might miss out on opportunities to engage with your followers.

Tools For Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar or tool is a useful resource for efficiently managing your social media posts. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be used in a variety of ways. Utilizing them carefully and successfully is crucial. A social media calendar is easy to make. All you require is another kind of programme where you may enter your data. You may share your calendar with everyone who needs to see it once you’ve set it up..


1- Sendible

It is a tool for keeping an eye on social media. It has a powerful calendar and scheduling feature. It lets you schedule posts one at a time or in groups. So, This makes managing social media much easier. It enables you to wait in line for your lush content to drive more accessibility and engagement.

The Sendible calendar shows you what posts you have scheduled for the next few days. With audiobook services can even optimize your posts and pictures without leaving the platform. Sendible has also added a promo feature that lets you see how your posts will look already when you publish them. So, This makes it much simpler to create edits and changes that look great on every platform.

2- ContentStudio

It is a popular all-in-one social media management tool that lets you automate content, plan content, schedule social media posts, get analytics, and find content. In the Content Planner category of ContentStudio, you can also plan, come up with ideas, and keep track of when and how content is posted or published.

ContentStudio gives you an easy-to-use social media content calendar that lets you see, accept, reject, and change posts. So, This makes it less likely that you will send out content that is wrong or full of mistakes. Also, it’s easy for everyone on the team to work together. For example, your social media manager can come up with ideas, your creator can add pictures, and your content writer can come up with captions right away.

3- Bitrix24

This isn’t just a schedule for social media. Bitrix24 has a powerful CRM, tools for managing products and projects, a built-in contact centre, ways to build and host websites, and many other useful features. It has more than 35 instruments for working together.

When you use Bitrix24 as a social media calendar, you can plan your content for different platforms ahead of time and figure out the best time to share the posts. With this product, you can give your team members content-related tasks and track how they are doing. Using the online time clock that comes with the program, you can evaluate how long it takes each person to do each task.

4- Loomly

It’s a social media content calendar that can be used for both paid and unpaid social media formats. You can use it to plan and organize your posts, and it can also give you ideas for content and point you in the right way. You can see your upcoming posts in either a calendar or a list. You should be able to tell right away which articles need to be fixed and which ones do a great job. Your team members won’t have to log in to each forum to respond to user comments. Instead, they can use the Loomly dashboard to switch between networks.

5- PromoRepublic

Every plan that PromoRepublic has comes with a calendar. Its scheduling feature is compatible with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. From a single document, you may instantly post to many platforms.

You can plan your content yourself or let the app’s artificial intelligence (AI) pick a date and time for you based on when your audience is most likely to engage.

6- Trello

It is a popular tool that both people and companies use. It is most often used to manage teams. It’s not usually used as a social media calendar tool, but it can be. Inside the Trello dashboard, managers can give team members work to do. It cuts down on the amount of daily “emailing” that needs to be done. An intuitive user interface that doesn’t require any guidance.

The product works on all devices, including laptops, cell phones, and tablets. So, you can set your social media schedule even when you are out and about.

7- SproutSocial

This content calendar is loved by both SproutSocial teams and professionals who work alone. It lets you schedule and instantly post to multiple social networks. To assist you determine what a post is about, you may tag it and add notes to it. Based on how engaged your users were with your previous posts, the system can suggest the best times to share content.

8- SocialBee

SocialBee has the most features and is the best social media calender. It also has a simple social calendar. People can use a system based on a content queue to make a varied schedule for posting. You can get the most out of posts that are always relevant by recycling them. You only have to share them once. And you can add a few variations to make it more interesting.

9- Evernote

This app was made for taking notes, as its name suggests. You can keep track of all of the parts of your social media strategy with its help. You can keep track of your posting history with logs for every hour, week, month, and year. To stay up to date, you can make templates that you can change and then download them into the Evernote app.


A social media calendar helps you schedule posts ahead of time. This way, you won’t forget important dates or events, and you can easily coordinate with other members of your team. It helps you stay organized and focused on your tasks.