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Advantages And Disadvantages of Utilizing Essay Writing For Authors


The author’s life is full of anxiety and stress with multiple projects with urgent deadlines given by the publishers. Perhaps that’s why many students seek assignment help online at times when they are overloaded with essays. Let’s start with the definition of an essay. It is a structural writing that involves thoughts and creativity on a specific topic in a good structure. There are a lot of restrictions to completing an essay, like a good argument, a reflective and original thought and proper sequence. Writing an essay is one of the most common assignments during high school and college life. But many students take it casually and don’t want to know the art of writing essays. There are various advances in writing essays because it develops language, grammar and punctuation. 

Advantages of Writing Essays:

You will be surprised to know about essay writing. 

  1. Develops reasoning ability:

An essay is now assigned on various topics for every kind of academic level. Students get various types of essays throughout their high school and college days. When writing an essay, students not only understand the main concept of the topic but also know the information required and learn to assess the topic and use the knowledge in exams.

And that’s why students prefer to take assignment help from professional assignment writers. 

  • Great way to enhance knowledge:

Essay writing is an additional way to know any topic better. This kind of assignment helps students go into the deep core of the topic. After all, all students must conduct good research to compose a successful essay.

Grabbing an A+ grade is not an easy task for any student. The body of the essay needs specific details, and it is the main attractive part of the essay writing. The assignment writer has to determine effective ways to write arguments based on facts and authentic information. 

  • Develop a deep thinking process:

It is another sign of writing essays. Nowadays, people lost the ability to think, and it is because they don’t write on paper. Thinking on paper stimulates one’s thought process Writing an essay helps your concentration. You try to fix a goal while writing an essay and the main idea to establish. 

  • Strengthen your language part:

As there are various kinds of essays, including narrative, argumentative, cause and effect, expository, descriptive and persuasive, students need to know the differences between all types of essays. Suppose you are writing a narrative essay. Then you need to know the direct and indirect speech. It is a vital chapter in English grammar, and you will learn how to transform direct speech into indirect speech. That’s how you need to strengthen your vocabulary and punctuation. It will help you to submit an error free assignment.           

  • Detailing: 

Essay writing is all about research and formulating conclusions. It helps to observe each part of the essay writing and the picture as a whole. Essay writing develops by knowing individual details and small details about the topic and also having a descriptive idea about the essay topic. 

  • Boost your logical thinking: 

Writing an essay develops a strong logical ability. Apart from other subjects like mathematics, geometry and statistics, literature and language build up a logical, analytical thinking process. The ability to write logical statements chronologically is one of the most important elements of writing a successful essay. It is a quality needed for a successful author also. People with the skill of urging are more successful writers than others who write illogical texts. 

  • Well-structured:

Every write –up needs a concrete structure. The structure is the first thing to notice whether you are involved with an essay, article, blog or any kind of research paper. Every reader appreciates those write-ups which are well-structured. Writing everything down without any proper structure is confusing. Additionally, when writing an essay, one should try to follow a certain chronological or logical order.          

Disadvantages of Essay Writing: 

The advantages are already discussed above, and now it is time to know the disadvantages of essay writing for an author.”

The given essay topic is not liked by every student. Sometimes it is seen that it is not significant for students to get into it because they are not at all interested in writing on that topic. 

Every student or writer should have the right to choose their essay topic.

Especially students who get one essay topic in high schools, colleges and universities. Some students are not even aware of topics like relationships, tragedies, dramas and others, but they would love to write an essay to impress their professors. It may be more interesting for someone to write an essay on their own interests because it helps in research

Generic topics:

Sometimes the topic is too general and simple that it can be difficult for students to figure out what to write and how to present it so that their teachers will be impressed. So the given essay topic gives them stress, irritation, conflict and disagreement. Students have to write not what they think but what their teachers want them to write. If they express their opinion through essay writing, then they face the consequences like poor grades, public condemnation, guardian calls and so on). 

The idea behind writing an essay is to enhance creativity and intellect. But there is not enough flexibility to write what they want, which is why students lose interest in essay writing. Many students love to write essays if they get the flexibility to open up. 


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There are lots of benefits to writing an essay if you are a serious writer. For a budding author, essay writing is the basic step learnt in high school. One can express themselves through this creative writing through a mental roadmap. Writers generally make a plan or sketch all the characters before they write, and in essay writing, students make the plan and then start writing for the essay. If you want to become an author, essay writing is the pillar of your profession. Take any interesting topic and start writing.     

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