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Advice For The PRINCE2 Training Test In 2023

PRINCE2 Training
PRINCE2 Training

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To demonstrate that you have an excellent understanding of the PRINCE2 Training methodology and pass your PRINCE2 Foundation test with flying colors, you must approach your exam preparation and revision appropriately. If you think this post is helpful, please link to it or share it on your social media accounts.

Exam pass rates

The PRINCE2 Training test has a pass rate of 97% on the national average in the United Kingdom. You don’t want to be one of the unlucky 3% in this situation. In addition, applicants who do well on the Foundation exam are likely to perform better on the more difficult Practitioner exam.

Our students have a greater than 99% chance of passing the PRINCE2 Foundation test, regardless of whether they take the course in a traditional classroom setting or study online. It would be best if you didn’t let this bother you.

Use this study guide to your advantage to achieve the best score on the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

Things to be aware of

The PRINCE2 Foundation exam determines whether or not you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the method to work effectively with or as a project management team within an environment that supports PRINCE2. The exam also determines whether or not you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the method to pass the exam.

According to the course outline, successful applicants will have an understanding of the following:

The fundamental ideas concerning projects and PRINCE2; how the PRINCE2 principles serve as the basis for the PRINCE2 method; the PRINCE2 themes and how they are utilized throughout the project.

Tip for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam: If you want to understand everything there is to know about PRINCE2, read our free PRINCE2 foundation study guides, which can be downloaded as free e-books. These guides cover PRINCE2 principles, PRINCE2 themes, and PRINCE2 processes.

Question kinds

The PRINCE2 Foundation and ITIL Training examination consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, each of which must be finished within the allotted time frame. A question booklet contains every one of the questions.
To achieve a passing grade of 55%, you must have at least 33 questions you answered correctly. Because this is a closed-book exam, you are not permitted to bring any printed or electronic materials into the testing room, including the handbook and other printed or electronic resources.

There are three distinct formats of questions on the examination: “classic,” “list,” and “missing word.” Because the questions are always presented in a multiple-choice style, all you need to do to respond to them is select one response from the four provided. There is no question with more than one appropriate response on the exam, and there are no trick questions.

Read each of the statements included in the question that was just asked, and then pick which three belong to the product-based planning strategy. Please read each of the four choices and then check the boxes next to those choices that you are sure are components of the method. If you are only sure about two of the possibilities, at least you have narrowed down your final decision to a choice between the two options that are still available to you; choose one of the options, and then mark your answer paper according to your selection.

Exam practice

The most typical strategy for review is to work through sample questions from the exam. Because the questions are drawn from a finite question bank, the more practice questions you go through, the better you will be for the test. If you have studied using an accredited training course, you should have received these to prepare for the PRINCE2 Foundation test. The PRINCE2 exam board gives two sample papers for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam to PRINCE2 Accredited Training Organizations.


You should expect to be asked a good number of questions that require you to identify the function of a management product, a theme, or a process. Because there are 26 items and seven themes and processes, there are a total of 40 functions that you need to commit to memory. That could mean an excessive number of things. You need some reliable strategies to assist you in remembering, so you should paraphrase.