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Awesome kid-friendly storage solutions


Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

The call to move due to professional reasons can come at any time and the people who are most likely to get affected the most are the kids in the house. They become very familiar and comfortable in their own spaces; therefore, making them leave that space is very difficult. The kids have an ample number of things like toys, toy vehicles, clothes, and many more things for outdoor playing. The move to a new destination might bring a really important concern of storage space. With the help of removalists, the belongings of the kids can be Movers Waterloo from one place to another. They are very attached to their things therefore the packing should be done keeping in mind their sleep schedule. The kids’ room might not have ample storage just like the current one therefore some creative and kid-friendly solutions need to be used.

Desk space utilisation

The space on the desk should not be left empty and the best utilisation is used to store books and stationery items for the kids. This is also a very organised way to store all those items for kids and become very handy for kids to use themselves.

Open colourful shelving

 The colourful wall-mounted wooden shelves is a great way to store soft toys and decorative pieces related to the likes of kids. This gives positive and colourful vibes to the surroundings of the room.

Spacing between bunks

The gap between the bunk beds of the kids can be used properly to store a lot of items they need access to while on the bed. There can be a lot of storage space in the space between bunk beds which will help keep all the essentials for kids’ usage.

Play area

The kids’ room can be made fun by building a play fort for them to be engaged with. This concept in the room looks very creative and all the energy of the kids is channelized in the right direction.

Book tower

Over a while, a lot of books are gathered and that can be used to build a book tower that will look captivating and attractive for kids to pick their choice of the book easily and read them.

Creative crates

All the crates gathered over time can be used creatively to put some decorative items related to the kid’s favourite cartoon character or toys. This is a cheap and awesome way to create more storage.

DIY old furniture

The ancestral furniture can be used to make some extra space for those big soft toys lying here and there in the house. They can be painted with some funky colours and stickers to make them more attractive and appealing. 

Storage boxes with lids

The hollow ottoman or stools can be used to store things and at the same time it can be used to sit. Multipurpose furniture is a very cool concept these days to put in the house to create more storage.

Bed Box Storage

The storage in the bed is one of the hidden spaces that can be accessed by kids themselves without any supervision of an elder person. They can store their favourite story books, blankets, and even their extra toys which will be taken out later on while growing up.

Getting more shelves

The number of shelves required in a kid’s room is any day less therefore the right number of shelves with appropriate height should be installed so the kids can access them.


The decluttering of toys should be done on a regular basis to avoid an overflow of toys. Some of the toys get broken and some of the toys have lost their parts therefore it becomes useless. Take help of Movers Kitchener for the entire process that will help in knowing the exact number of toys the kid has which is functioning correctly.

Use multi hangers

The multi-use hangers should be put in the wardrobe to hang more clothes on one single hanger. This makes place for more things in the cupboard which can make storage easier.

Use of baskets

 The open baskets can be used to store a lot of stationery items and even little items like undergarments, socks, and handkerchiefs. This makes the space look very organised and neat.

Metal trolleys

 The trolleys can be used to store all their daily use stationary, colours, and drawing books which they can use at any time and drag to whichever place they feel like working from.

A bean bag

This is one of the most creative ideas considering storage. A DIY bean bag can be made by stuffing all the soft toys inside it. It can have a zip option to take out whichever toy you feel like accessing. This makes the space free from soft toys all over the place and even the bean bag is very soft to sit on and classy.

It is a parent’s job to make the kid as comfortable in the new space as they were in the older one. Creating a fun and interesting space for them is very important. The movers will be unloading all the stuff after your arrival so get your hands first on the kid’s room stuff to make their area nicely. The moment they are assigned their play area or room they tend to settle down much easier and without showing any tantrums. The entire family gets busy making up and adjusting their stuff and kids being dependent on adults feel vulnerable. The removalist should be assigned the task of unpacking the kids’ stuff first and putting them in the designated places so the making up of the room becomes easier for the parents. If the budget allows having somebody who will set up the kid’s space first, it is better to hire them. The lesser the time given to kids the more they seek attention therefore give time to them and let the movers do the needful.