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Best Value: What We Provide Free With Car Washes

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At Country club auto spa Car washes, we believe in providing you with the most value possible for the money that you spend. Because of this, all of our washes come with a wonderful selection of additional features, regardless of which wash package you select.

The best value for your money: complimentary dashboard wipes with each of our washes

Every one of our country club car washes comes standard with a complimentary dashboard wipe, which will be handed to you by one of our helpful employees as you pull into the wash tunnel. They are packaged in our company’s specialized country club Car Wash brand material. If your dashboard isn’t too dusty, you can also use this as a cleaning wipe in other areas of your house!

‍Any Country club car Wash site you visit in las Vegas Nevada will provide you with the best car wash available at a price that makes your money go a long way. We include a variety of free and included extras with each service to make it quick and easy for you to get a thorough cleaning for your vehicle at one of our washes. The time has come for you to stop by the Country club Car Wash facility closest to you!

Towels made of microfiber technology

At each of our vacuum stations, Country club Car Wash provides you with microfiber towels so that you can dry your hands after using the vacuum. Utilizing our towels, which are provided free of charge, will allow you to dry the exterior of your vehicle to a finer level of detail as well as clean the interior of your vehicle. When you’re done, just toss them in the basket designated for soiled towels, which is located at the very top of the shelf housing the storage items.


The days of searching for quarters to pay for vacuuming the interior of your vehicle are long gone. Both an angled and a narrow vacuum head, as well as a wide and flat vacuum head, are available from Country club Car Wash. No matter whether method of cleaning your carpets and seats is most effective, our vacuums can handle whatever debris you may throw at them.

‍Compressed air for use in your tyres and for cleaning your vehicle.

There is a nozzle that can be used to blow dirt off of spots on or inside your vehicle, and there is also a hose that can be used to fill your tyres with air if they are low. Each and every Country club Car Wash site has vacuum stalls equipped with compressed air hoses. You will be able to determine exactly when each tyre has the optimal level of pressure thanks to the gauge that is incorporated on the hose. We are able to assist you with this matter if the low-pressure warning light on your tyre pressure monitor has illuminated.

‍odour eliminator or mask

A black ice-scented air freshener in the shape of our characteristic water drop is given free of charge to everyone who purchases the Country club Car Wash Premium Express package or a higher level of service. By suspending it from the rearview mirror of your vehicle, you may give it a fresh and clean odour. However, you should take care not to place it on your dashboard or gearshift, since the chemical reactions that occur when air fresheners are used might cause your interior to become damaged.

‍A wash that is quite affordable.

No matter which Country club car Wash location in las Vegas, Nevada you visit, we are committed to giving you the greatest possible car wash at a price that allows your money to go a long way. We make it simple and convenient for you to obtain a thorough cleaning for your vehicle at one of our washes by including a number of free and included extras with each service. Today is the day to visit us at the Country club Car Wash location that is most convenient for you!