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Common Issues In The iPhone And How They Can Be Fixed

Common Issues In The iPhone And How They Can Be Fixed

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Any iPhone user can testify to how precious their iPhones are and how earth-shattering it is to damage them. Smartphones, iPhone in specific, have made our lives way more accessible than what was once the case, but it’s also unbelievably frustrating to have the same device stop working or have to fix it. 

iPhones played a considerable part in the breakthrough of technology and smartphones, and their tech is advancing with every passing day. However, that also means they’re just machines, so they’re bound to have some defects and faults over time. We’ve listed a few common issues that may arise in an iPhone, and fret not. We’ve also listed simple solutions along! 

We know that manners maketh man. We also know that man maketh machine. And sometimes, machine maketh man…. frustrated. The iPhone has inconceivably made our lives easier, but like all machines, it doesn’t come without a few complications. We’ve compiled some of the most common problems users face with the iPhone → and don’t worry, Fixerman always follows with a solution.

Common issues in the iPhone

  • Battery Damage: Damage to the battery is fairly common in iPhones. To prevent your battery from being drained, enable low power mode, turn off cellular data when it’s not needed, avoid overcharging, and disable unnecessary push notifications and background app refresh. Keep your phone in a cool and dry place, and avoid using your phone while it’s charging. 
  • Disabled iPhone: Unfortunately, this is an issue many people who buy iPhones face, and safe to say no one’s fond of having to resort to a hard reset of your phone. Years of data gone in seconds! However, with iCloud and iTunes, remember always to back up all your important data so that you never lose anything valuable! 
  • Screen Damage: Broken screens are often an expensive mishap and usually end up with a lot more than just broken glass. This can include water damage, shattered screen, or glitching. If water has seeped into the screen and there’s a fear of damage, dry it off entirely and place it in uncooked five for a couple of days, and hope for the best! Repairing from the Apple store can be pretty expensive, assuming an Apple Store is present nearby and there’s no lack of scammers in the market, so keep a list of authentic iPhone repair companies like techycompany.com to rely on. 
  • Faulty Home/Volume Button: Buttons can be tricky: on both garments and phones! Defective buttons can usually prove to be a lot frustrating for any smartphone user, especially iPhone users. However, try out the assistive touch before opting for the expensive option of repairing. It enables you to switch to silent mode and change volume from the home screen, along with the function of a spare home button, but on the screen! 
  • Glitching Apps: If your apps suddenly close, shut down, or freeze, try restarting your phone, updating your iOS, and making sure that the version of the app is compatible with your current iOS. Frequently, apps aren’t fully updated to the latest version. If the problem persists, try relaunching the app. 
  • Overheating: iPhones overheating is a reasonably common problem. In countries where temperatures are high, you’ll often find yourself dealing with a heated, stubborn phone that refuses to cooperate. Make sure you place it in a cool, dry place, remove any covers and accessories, and turn off data and wifi. Enable airplane mode to prevent the phone from still trying to catch signals and wait for it to cool down. 


So, you’ll encounter a handful of common problems most iPhone users face, but with a good amount of research, some valuable information, and reliable cell phone repair companies like techycompany.com to turn to when all hope is lost, you’re good to go! 

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