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Crucial Factors before Applying for a Loan against the Commercial Property

Loan against Commercial Property
Loan against Commercial Property

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

Everyone faces a challenging financial situation, and a personal loan can ease the financial woes in such scenarios. Sudden hospitalization of a family member can be the reason for immediate financial requirements. Sometimes, people want to start a new business. Therefore, they need some capital for the initial investment in the business.

Besides the reasons discussed above, people need a loan for many reasons. When you need a loan, you have many options as a borrower. You can find a loan according to your monthly income if you have a salaried job. If you need a higher amount for a personal loan, a loan against the property is the best option. LAP stands for Loan against Property, which means you can get a personal loan against your property.

Before applying for a loan against a commercial shop, you need to know a few things about such loans. In the following section, you can find the details of the loan against the property.

1. Floating Rate of Interest Is Applicable

In a loan against property, the lender charges a floating interest rate. In most cases, you will find a fixed interest rate on the loan amount. But, the loan against property works differently. It charges a floating rate of interest on the loan amount.

In most cases, the interest charged by the lender varies between 10-14%, though the interest rate may change depending on the lenders. If you contact a bank for LAP, you will find a low-interest rate with flexible payment terms. Private lenders feature a higher rate on the loan amount.

Irrespective of banks and private lenders, the interest rate on loans against property can change anytime. Depending on the market scenario, the interest rate may increase or decrease.

2. LAP with the Mortgaged Properties

Have you purchased a property on loan? You can still get a loan against the such property before completing the home loan tenure. A loan against a mortgaged property is possible, and many lenders offer such loans. However, such loans come with some terms and conditions.

You will not get a loan at the original value of the property. Most lenders offer loans against the mortgaged property after estimating the overall price. In such cases, lenders offer 50-60% of the total value of the property as a personal loan.

However, you can increase the loan amount through down payments. If you have made a sizable down payment during a property purchase, your loan amount will be naturally smaller. For such mortgaged properties, lenders offer a higher loan amount.

3. No Tax Exemption

LAP does not come with any tax benefits. So, there are better options than a loan against a commercial shop for those seeking tax exemption against the interest paid for the loan. Therefore, salaried persons do not choose such loans. Instead of LAP, a salaried professional can find personal loans from various other sources. In most cases, you will be eligible for a tax exemption.

But, non-salaried and retired persons have limited options for personal loans. Therefore, LAP is a suitable option for such persons. But, you have to bear with the drawback of no tax exemption in case of a loan against property.

4. Property with Multiple Owners

Can you get a loan against a property with multiple owners? You can find a loan against such properties, though all joint property owners must be loan applicants. If all owners do not apply for the loan against the property, the lenders will void such applications.

What will happen if a co-applicant is a minor? Among multiple property owners, there may be a minor property owner. In that case, a power of attorney will represent the minor. If a power of attorney does not agree with the loan application process, other owners cannot apply for the loan against the property.

5. Zero Charges on Full or Part Payment

The good thing about a loan against property is that you can make a full or partial payment anytime during the loan tenure. There are no additional charges if you make the entire or partial payment before the loan term is over.

So, these are a few crucial things that one should know before applying for a loan against a property. LAP is an excellent option to obtain a quick and hassle-free personal loan during a challenging period. It would help if you found a perfect lender to get a low interest rate on loan against property.