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Effective Communication: Curiosity must be stimulated within the first 5 seconds

Effective Communication
Effective Communication

If we talk about Effective Communication we must necessarily talk about Video and therefore Video Marketing.

Web Marketing Strategies for Companies: the importance of Video

We have to start with an assumption.

Creativity on the Web is strongly conditioned by the evolution of the various devices we all have to deal with.

From this point of view, the diffusion of the smartphone has certainly represented an epochal change in the creative logic linked to Web Marketing. The contents follow the operating logic of the devices.

Here the smartphone has favored the diffusion of CC Video Marketing.

Video has therefore established itself in the last ten years as the main tool of online communication (and not only), being the only tool capable of uniting the persuasive force of words and images.

Personally and as Artistic Director of my working group, I believe so much in the power of video that I have contributed to the creation of our own brand specifically dedicated to Video and Video Marketing: Video Infographic which, among other things, together with Clienti Facile, is one of the main tools.

YouTube: some numbers

Video + Web = YouTube.

It is now an immediate mental association. There is no time on the web. The Web now flies with such a dizzying speed that often the video proves to be the only tool capable of attracting the attention of the potential customer in a few seconds.

YouTube is the Social Network that more than any other has made the creation and transmission of videos its fortune. To understand the enormous impact that video has on contemporary society, it is useful to analyze some YouTube numbers :

  • More than 1.9 billion users access YouTube every month
  • visitors watch over a billion hours of video every day, generating billions of views
  • 24 million monthly users in Italy
  • 1 billion hours of content viewed every day
  • 300 hours of video uploaded every minute
  • More than 4 million videos are viewed every 60 seconds
  • more than 70% of YouTube watch time is achieved on mobile devices
  • YouTube can be browsed in 80 different languages ​​(thus covering 95% of the Internet population)
  • The number of channels earning six-figure annual revenue on YouTube has grown over 40% year-over-year

In short, summarizing my motto could be: “With the Audio Understand, with the Image Memorize!”.

Simplicity is a Human Necessity

Simplicity is a need that we all have. Who among us is not frightened by instructions for using an appliance that is longer than a page?

Obviously a rhetorical question.

We all want the extremely simple things.

So the fundamental purpose of the communicator is to simplify the concept , to zip it in some way, to get it to its destination following a summary scheme that helps the fruition of the message.

The Brand is the emblem of Simplicity

The brand itself is the maximum condensation of everything that a company represents and produces .

The brand encloses the corporate reality in its most indivisible essence, it is the corporate atom, the basic element.

The Swoosh of Nike

I see the Swoosh (Nike’s “mustache”) and I’ve already understood everything there is to understand. The logo is indivisible .

In order to be truly effective, a brand, like a cartoon, needs a context, that is, it needs the public to be aware of a certain background.

This underlines once again the Fundamental Role of Communication in the Construction of Corporate Identity . Communicating, telling the story of the company, making it known is strategically essential in order to create the conditions for the birth of a Brand Community that shares the company’s values ​​and icons.

What are the negative repercussions if your prospect does not reach their goal? What consequence can this have on himself (his position, his career) and the company in the event of a failure?

Conversely, what are the positive consequences if the objectives are achieved? It is at this stage that the added value of your product or service can play out by demonstrating its ability to limit the risk of failure.