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Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas with The Help of Cardboard Removal Boxes

Cardboard Removal Boxes

Double wall cardboard boxes are usually used for packing and transporting your items from one place to another. It prevents it from unnecessary damage and at the same time maintains it safety as well. Today people either hire movers and packers for relocating to a new city or buy these double wall cardboard boxes, cardboard removal boxes and other packaging materials for packing their stuffs before shifting. But, do you know that these boxes can be used for other purposes as well other than for the primary purpose of packing and moving. Christmas is already around the corner and you can make use of any such cardboard removal boxes that you might have recently received with your parcel. Alternatively, you can also go for buying these boxes either offline or online as well on stores such as Packaging express, etc. So, here are a few ideas which you may implement and make your Christmas happier by decorating your house with these moving house boxes.

With The Help of Gift-Wrapping Paper

Look carefully around the corners and you will definitely find a shoe box lying somewhere above your almirah or the bed box. These shoe boxes are double walled cardboard boxes and can be used for various purposes after getting decorated. You will need a pair of scissors, gift wrapping papers of your choice, adhesive tapes and colourful ribbons to get started with the decoration process. Use this gift-wrapping paper to wrap up the cardboard removal boxes and cover the outside as well as the inside part very carefully. This will give a very fancy and beautiful look to the box. Now, cover the top lid as well with the wrapping paper either with the same colour or you may use a contrasting colour. This completes the packing of the box. This box, now can be used for packing various gifting items such as soft toys, show pieces, etc which can be gifted to someone on this Christmas easily without much fuss.

By Painting The Cardboard Removal Boxes

Apart from covering these double walled cardboard boxes with the gift-wrapping paper, you may also consider decorating them with various other ways as well. One of the numerous ways is getting the cardboard removal boxes decorated is getting it painted with a water colour or a spray paint of your choice. For this process you will need a set of water colours or any specific colour of your choice, water, paint brush, glitter and glue. Start with painting the box with a white colour. This will create a clean and light-coloured surface for the actual paint of your choice. Let it dry for a few hours. Now, colour the box with the colour of your choice and go for the second coat as well if it requires. Repeat the same process for the cover part as well. Now, once the box is dry with the help of the glue, stick glitters, beads or any such item of your choice to beautify it. The box is now ready for any gifting purpose. Use it for gifting you neighbours and family members this Christmas.

With The Help of Fabrics

Decoration is something that reflects the creativity inside you. For decorating a box, you won’t need much. Just a couple of ideas and you are done. These boxes can be decorated with the help of various fabrics as well. All you need is a printed or embroidered cloth depending upon your choice, a glue stick and a pair of scissors. Now, cut the fabric depending upon the shape of the box be it square, rectangle, etc. Now, cover the box tightly with the help of the fabric and make sure that there are no creases and loose ends while wrapping the box with the help of the fabric. Repeat the same for the cover part as well. With this, you have a beautifully and elegantly wrapped up box in front of you. Use it for the purpose of gifting cakes, cookies, muffins or any gift of your choice.

Summing Up

Occasions call for gifts and celebrations and with Christmas and the New Year hovering around the corner, you might be thinking about the various gifting ideas as well. But, more than the gift, the gifting box too matters a lot. Follow these unique giftbox wrapping ideas with the help of cardboard removal boxes and a handful of packaging materials and you are ready for this gifting season.