Home Lifestyle How can you know if alexandrite is authentic?

How can you know if alexandrite is authentic?

Alexandrite Gemstone

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An expert can also assist you by examining the alexandrite stone refractive index. The refractive index of genuine gems ranges from 1.746 to 1.755.
It has two refractive indices. Corundum, on the other hand, is also doubly reflective but only has a refractive index that ranges from 1.770 to 1.762.

How do you determine the rarest shade of alexandrite?

The most intriguing feature of this gemstone is how seeing it in daylight or fluorescent light, as opposed to incandescent light, results in a dramatic color change.
The most valuable and uncommon color shift from emerald green to raspberry red is special. Despite being discovered in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Myanmar, Madagascar, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, this is still regarded as a rare gem.
This crystal belongs to the mineral family chrysoberyl. As it can change colors, the gem is considered special. When shown in incandescent light, this changes to reddish hues from Its natural green or blue-green color under daylight and fluorescent illumination.

What does alexandrite symbolize?

The gemstone of good fortune, wealth, and intelligence is this unique colored gem. It can help you find the balance of who you are by representing physical and spiritual harmony.

Which cut suits alexandrite the best?

The most typical design (facet) for the best appearance is what is referred to as a “mixed cut. This cut enables a bigger table and a steeper cut pavilion to maintain color saturation and color change while maximizing weight.

Does alexandrite glow in a dark environment?

When this stone is exposed to UV light, a bright, brilliant red hue is produced. Although the cause is different, this also results from chromium ion impurities in the structure. In this instance, the coloration is brought on by fluorescence.

Is alexandrite prone to breaking?

In terms of hardness, it rates an 8.5 on the Mohs scale. Being extremely durable and lacking cleavage, which can fracture under pressure. This makes it a suitable option for rings and other mountings that are worn regularly.

Can you wear alexandrite every day?

In terms of hardness, the gemstone is extremely durable and lacks cleavage, which can withstand pressure. This makes it a suitable option for rings and other mountings that are worn frequently. Regardless of gender, the gemstone must be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.

Alexandrite the birthstone

People who were born in June are encouraged to wear this gemstone since it is thought of as the birthstone of the Gemini sign. The gemstone can also be worn by those who were born under the sign of Cancer to take advantage of its mystical qualities or simply for fashion.

Is alexandrite suitable for a wedding band?

One of the strongest gemstones available is this gemstone, while diamond are by far the most resilient. Because of its 8.5 out of 10 Mohs hardness, this is a fantastic choice for an engagement ring, according to well-known jewellery designer Nicole Rose Kopelman.

What does a counterfeit alexandrite resemble?

Synthetic spinel more closely resembles this stone with its transition from reddish to blue-greenish hues, but synthetic Corundum transforms from a purple resembling amethyst under artificial light to a greyish-blue in daylight.
A powerful pleochroic gemstone is a rare variation of the mineral chrysoberyl. Nature’s magic trick makes it special for this to change colors.


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