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How do I Prepare for AWS Cloud Practitioner CCP?

Power BI Certification

The most prominent businesses and experts in the field now favor Microsoft’s business analytics software over other alternatives. The need for technical specialists has increased dramatically due to its capacity to gather, analyze, and turn data into business intelligence. Businesses driven by data depend more and more on Power BI experts to improve their decision-making. Knowing Power BI can be helpful if you’re interested in any data analytics or business intelligence position. But is a Power BI certification necessary to get a job? Read on to know more.

Microsoft Power BI certification

The Microsoft Data Analyst Associate certification path includes Microsoft Power BI. In addition, candidates must complete Microsoft’s Analyzing Data with Power BI course (PL-300). Data analysts can earn this esteemed, in-demand certificate to further their careers and differentiate themselves from their colleagues.

A data analyst’s ability to create and construct scalable data models as well as clean and convert data using Power BI is validated by a Power BI certification. It recognizes the holder as a subject matter expert who possesses cutting-edge analytical skills necessary to produce compelling data visualizations and offer value to the company.

Is it for you?

Any business intelligence and data experts with a firm grasp of the foundations of Power BI are eligible to apply for the certification. IT specialists that create data visualization reports using cloud and on-premises data platform technologies will find this certification incredibly beneficial. It is advised that you initially take Power BI training if you wish to review data analysis concepts and learn more about this tool.

Is it worth it to get a Power BI certification in 2022?

According to a Burning Glass estimate, the number of occupations requiring Power BI abilities will rise 34.6 percent over the following ten years. Every year and depending on experience and skill level, the median pay for positions requiring Power BI expertise rises. Although certification may not be necessary to access Power BI jobs, it may increase your chances in a competitive applicant pool. Find the best Power BI training course to get ahead of the curve.


  • Career opportunities
  • Better income
  • It provides everyone with business intelligence
  • Data in the form of interactivity
  • Safety and Security
  • It can easily connect to a lot of data points
  • Power BI is equipped with AI
  • You can share content via Power BI apps
  • It is constantly being improved

How to get a Power BI certification?

The PL-300 test is required to earn a Power BI certification (formerly DA-100). Knowing how to prepare, model, display, and analyze data and deploying and sustaining deliverables contribute equally to passing the exam. If you’re an autodidact, you may learn the necessary skills online through courses like “Prepare data for analysis” and “Get started with Microsoft data analytics.” Microsoft also provides instructor-led classes, but you may have to pay for them.

Preparing for the Exam

Many free internet tools can aid your certification exam preparation, but they won’t necessarily help you develop the necessary abilities. Even if you understand how to respond to inquiries, you won’t be able to complete a Power BI project from beginning to end. It would help if you had PowerShell training, studied for the test, and created a project portfolio to prove your data analysis skills. It will make you stand out from the competition while applying for jobs.

Getting a job with Power BI expertise

Data analysts, data scientists, and other professionals regularly analyze business-related datasets for extra insight using various analytics platforms, including Power BI.

Here is a breakdown of which IT occupations require knowledge of Power BI, as per Burning Glass.

JobRequesting SkillJob Growth (10 years)Educational Level
Software Engineer/ Developer1.3%30.7%Bachelor’s Degree
Data Analyst13.3%9.3%Bachelor’s Degree
Business Intelligence Analyst14.5%9.3%Bachelor’s Degree
Business Management Analyst3.0%14.3%Bachelor’s Degree
Business Intelligence Architect12.5%30.7%Bachelor’s Degree
IT Project Manager1.7%9.3%Bachelor’s Degree
Data Engineer7.7%11.5%Bachelor’s Degree
Database Administrator3.2%11.5%Bachelor’s Degree


Data analysts, scientists, and other techs may swiftly delve into datasets for crucial insights with Power BI. Power BI certification is a surefire technique to jumpstart professional and commercial success. Learning the problematic skill sets required for Power BI will be simple if you enroll in the best training. You will be well-positioned to pass the PL-300 test and be recognized as a Microsoft-certified data analyst.