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How to Arrange the Furniture in a Small Living Room?


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Deciding on how to arrange the living room furniture can be quite challenging. It is a fact that the design principle remains the same for both large and small spaces. However, the best part about small living spaces is their decoration benefits from the budget. It is a beneficial aspect for all. Besides, it is the dimension restrictions that limit the decor options. But, choosing the right layout helps to build a functional space and overcome the space organization challenges. All it needs is to buy elegant furniture items from reputable furniture places and count on some space-enhancing tactics.

In simple words, when thoughtfully planned and organized, the small living room can appear warm, enjoyable, and appealing. So, let us talk about the essential tips and ideas for how to execute living room furniture arrangements.

Effective Tips for Small Living Room Furniture Arrangement

Measure Your Living Room Space

It’s essential to measure the living room’s width, height, and dimensions. Check to make sure the furniture is not in the way of any stairs, doors, or walkways. These measurements will be of utmost use when you will be visiting the New Zealand furniture stores to shop the new items. Furthermore, such calculations will help assess the existing furnishing pieces you own.

Pick the Focal Point

The TV or fireplace are frequently used as living room focal points. Both of them can be utilized as the focal point simultaneously and help the layout look natural. But picking one of these is ideal if the living room is small.

Keep in mind that the furniture arrangement needs to look brought together and balanced regardless of the centralized point you select.

Experiment With Multiple Furniture Placement

Every furniture piece in the living room plays its role. But how it serves the purpose depends on its appropriate placement. Here, you need to experiment with the furniture arrangement accordingly.

For example, place bulky furnishing items like couches against the walls and away from the room’s center point. This way, they will not block the foot traffic. Furthermore, you must align the other pieces of furniture facing toward the bigger furniture in the living room space. It would be great if a bookcase, window, or TV were chosen as the focal point.

Besides all these, you can consider grouping chairs and sofas from the walls in a circular way. It will leave the space behind and against the walls and give the room a unique and welcoming appeal.

Avoid Large Recliners and Armchairs

The recliner armchairs and sofas that are larger than your living space need to be removed. After all, it will not fit in the space. If you still want recliner sofas and chairs, you can pick those with extended footrests and still back. It will work better in the small living room and consume less space.

Select New Furniture Pieces Wisely

No doubt, the small living rooms have limited space. Hence, it is better to keep the area less messed up. Ensure not many elements are placed that make the space look and feel congested.

Buy furniture that is sectional and has comfortable seating. In addition, pick the seaters to have clean lines. This way, the furniture will look visually light and the room will look more spacious.

The pro tip to buying the ideal furniture is to assess how each furnishing item will serve its purpose according to the arrangement. For instance, picking ottomans will act as a coffee table and can be used as additional seating. Also, you can explore La-Z-Boy furnitureoptions that are convenient, comfortable, and fit in the space as required. 

Don’t Neglect Traffic Flow

Traffic flow is one vital thing that you can not ignore when arranging furniture in a small living room. Keep in mind that the living room should not be in a situation where people are misstepping over each other or the furnishings. Make sure the sofa, table, and chairs are separated by a few inches.

The balanced seating area is identified by a pair of armchairs. This indicates that rather than going straight to the conversation area, traffic coming from the doorway is led towards these chairs.

Ensure the Right Fit for Furniture Arrangement

The sectional and modular furniture pieces are excellent for adding more seats, especially if the living area is small. You may be aware that large chairs or sofas take up a lot of room and give the room a congested appearance. However, the placement of each corner can be adjusted to make it as comfortable as possible given the design of the room.

For instance, the L-Shaped layouts are contemporary and perfectly accommodate tiny living spaces. You can also think about separating the furniture placements into sections.

Place Necessary Furniture Only

Cleaning up the space by eliminating unnecessary furniture pieces is a great way to make the space non-congested and spacious. If you have already backed up the space with necessary items, think of how to make them appear more streamlined.

The armchairs, plush sofas, and thick armrests all have a big, significant feel to them. They also take up most of the little room. Therefore, it is preferable to have furniture pieces that are more in line with the size of the room. For instance, armless designs, low-backed sofas, and slim armchairs can be the finest substitutes.

Choose the Right-Sized Rugs

Area rugs fall under the furniture category itself and complement the overall furniture placement, room decor, and layout. Of course, flooring with the rugs can add a lot to the seating and complement the balance of the furnishing arrangement.

Simply choose the sizable rug and put it in the middle of the space. This will guarantee that the available floor area is nearly utilized. Make sure to place the sofas and chairs with the rug acting as an anchor point. It will aid in visually connecting the furnishings and give the room a more cohesive appearance.


These are some space-saving and furniture placement strategies for the living room that you can use. All of these tactics guarantee that the space appears pleasant, warm, organized, and larger. Along with furniture placement, picking the appropriate pieces that suit the intended floor plans is vital. So, prefer visiting reliable furniture places nearby and getting your living space planned and well-organized.

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