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How to Change Wavlink Extender Login Password

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Is enhancing the security of your Wavlink WiFi extender a top priority for you? Willing to take preventative measures to protect it from online threats? If so, you’ll need to change the Wavlink WiFi extender login password. This post might help you if you need help changing your extender login password. Let’s start over.

How to Change the Password for Wavlink Extender

Switch on the extender

Your Wavlink WiFi repeater must be plugged into an outlet. A wall plug that has never experienced a short circuit is one that is good. Additionally, make sure the device fits tightly in the wall outlet. Press the on button to start your Wavlink.

Integrate the router and extender

You may access the extender’s setup page by connecting the Wavlink extender to the main router. Get an Ethernet cable and connect the devices with it. Try relocating your wireless extender and router closer to one another if you’re having difficulties getting them to communicate. Be careful to keep your connection constant.

Start Internet Explorer

Use a web browser on your computer to access the administrative interface of the WiFi range extender. Choose a recent version of the browser. You could have a different result if you don’t carry it out in this manner. Additionally, confirm that it works with the OS you are using.

Enter the standard web address

If you wish to change the WiFi range extender’s password, go to the configuration page via wifi wavlink com Enter the address in your favourite web browser. Make sure you type the URL into the address bar of the browser. Additionally, ensure sure the entire method is error-free.

Access the Extender

You will reach the extender sign-in page after pressing the Enter key. You may enter your WiFi username and password there. To find out the extender’s default username and password, you must get the user handbook.

Add the Default Password in step six

You should be aware of a few things before entering your Wavlink login information. Make sure you type everything accurately to begin with. Second, always remember to turn off Caps Lock. Both the login name and the password are case-sensitive. As a result, you should be very careful to avoid making any mistakes when signing in.

Create a fresh password

Select Setup from the main menu to get to the page where you may configure your device. Three input areas are available to you for this purpose. The first field requires the previous password to be entered. A new password is also necessary. In the last field, the previous password must be provided again. Always keep in mind to turn off Caps Lock.

Click the Apply button when you have done adjusting the password for your Wavlink extender. Your customised settings will be kept. Reboot of the Wavlink extender could be necessary. Execute the required actions.

In summary

Therefore, you need to do more than just change the default password if you want to boost the security of your WiFi extender. If you want to keep your Wavlink extender safe, you need also keep a careful eye on the repeater firmware. Visit the Wavlink firmware update download page via http ap setup to get the most recent update for your extender. Pick up only the most recent iteration.

This is how you will be able to take your Wavlink using experience to the new level. Let us know your feedback about the tips given in the post in the comments section. Will you share your feedback? We hope yes!