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How to Choose Quality Fabric for Custom-Made Tailoring?


Last Updated on March 16, 2024 by Ali Hamza

Are you thinking of getting a perfect tailor-made suit designed?

The first step in thecustom-made suit designing process includes picking the right fabric. It is the first and foremost thing that contributes a lot to making or breaking the entire appearance. Hence, investigating the fabric options, their uniqueness, and their quality before getting a suit customized is vital.

However, it depends on varying aspects including the occasion for which you want the bespoke suit. For example, is it a business meeting, corporate event, or family function? All these considerations are essential. In addition, you might not be aware of which fabric would go ideal with the occasion type and your personality.

Here, you can seek assistance from a skilled men’s custom tailor as they are aware of widely used fabrics for custom-suit designing. But first, we will cover all the main attributes that you must keep in mind when choosing the fabric type.

Tips for Selecting the Ideal Fabric for Your Next Custom-Made Suit

Explore the Types of Material

The first consideration must be looking for the suit fabric type such as lines, bends, wool, silk, etc. For example, wool is mostly preferred, and the reason is the comfort and versatility it offers. On the other hand, linen and cotton fabrics are best for warm weather conditions. These are sweat-absorbing fabrics and give a more casual and appealing look.

If you want acustom-made suit for any special event or occasion, lustrous silk is the recommended option.

Consider the Fabric Stretch

You also need to consider the fabric stretch. It is about seeing how much the fabric can expand as the right fit depends on it. Different fabrics vary in elasticity and capability of bouncing back whenever stretched. Here, when looking for stretch, ensure it works well with the suit pattern. After all, it is responsible to finish the suit with the best fit and elegance

Look for the Fabric Weight

Lightweight suit fabrics like cotton are ideal for summer. But getting suits designed of wool fabric is much more beneficial. These help to maintain the natural suit drape and get the right fit. There is less room for creases or wrinkles and offers a sharp look and enhanced personality. However, wool is a warm fabric, so you need to choose it depending on how and when you will be wearing it.

Furthermore, remember that heavyweight does not always help to add the right fit to the suit. Fabrics’ weight can range from some grams like 210 to the heaviest one of 300 GSM. Here, what matters the most is how you carry the suit and yourself in the entire attire.

Determine the Fabric Drape

How the fabric moves depends on the drape. Fluid textiles, for instance, have more flexibility and drape. On the other side, the stiff cloth comprises less drape and does not stretch. In simple words, it is both weight and drape that impacts the appearance of the suit.

If your suit fabric has more drape, it will hang loosely on your body. On the other hand, the soft drape will stay tucked against the body. So, make the fabric choice accordingly.

Consider Fabric Pattern and Color

Another major choice that makes the suit stay elegant and long-lasting is the pattern and color. Besides, it is always great to fill in the wardrobe with master and classic styled suits that fit the various events and occasions.

The best color for men’s suits covers grey, blue, charcoal, and of wool material. Additionally, consulting a men’s custom suit tailor can be beneficial. They can help in recommending the best matchups and features that meet your bespoke suit needs.

Think of How Often You Will Wear It

It is vital to recognize how frequently you will use the suit. There are available multiple material types that are robust and assure durability. These can be ideal for the suits that are to be worn every day.

Moreover, wrinkle or crease resistance is vital to ensure you can wear the suit in the office regularly.

Softness and Easy Breathing is Essential

Of course, nobody would want their outfit to feel itchy or feel stiff. Thus, seeming trapped in the suit. Here, selecting high-quality fabric and getting the suit designed by a skilled tailor is the key. This will ensure maximum comfort and best fit without compromising on aesthetics. Here, natural fabrics such as cotton are smooth and soft. On the other hand, fabrics like synthetics are rough and firm but are popular because of their affordability.

In addition, easy breathing is expected by all. After all, nobody wants to experience sweat, especially when at a summer corporate meeting or event. Therefore, considering the breathability of custom-made suit fabric is vital. Choosing the easily breathable option will allow the heat to escape and retain the coldness. Thus, keeping you comfortable and sweat-free.

Understand the Texture Needs

Multiple factors impact the material drape and overall texture. So, it is essential to choose the one that fits the set budget and your preferences. For example, wool has the required elegance and weight. In simple terms, texture choice is influenced by the weave type and material. Also, weight is important as it contributes a lot to the suit’s overall comfort. Choosing the right texture fabric reduces the suit’s longevity if it’s quite fine and can overall influence the investment made.

Final Words

Deciding on the right fabric is not an easy job, especially when getting a bespoke suit designed for a special occasion. Choosing the right fabric is all about looking for the advantages and disadvantages of all the fabric types and picking the one. Thus, ensuring it meets all the custom-suit requirements and your set budget.

So, pick the one that complements your personality and get the suit designed that ideally fits the event or occasion theme. Hope you make the fabric choice that makes you feel comfortable and stay impressive.