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How To Make Terracotta In Minecraft? A Step-by-Step Guide

How to make terracotta in mine craft? What are the different dyes used in it and complete process of making terracotta.

You can find this easily by mining for it or creating it from stone bricks, which are made by smelting them in the furnace. For those of you who have never heard about terracotta before, it’s a block that is used to make stained terracotta blocks. Basically terracotta is a dye. Stained terracotta has four distinct colors: white, orange, magenta, and light blue. It can be found in villager houses located in the plains, savanna, and desert biomes.

White terracotta

It is easy enough to find; you’ll know it when you see it. Just keep looking around the village for the brightest shades of orange you can possibly find. The surrounding bricks are usually close by as well. After all, if there are villagers nearby building with this stuff, they’re probably not far.

Magenta and light blue terracotta

It can be a little trickier to find and may require you to do a little searching. However, the two colors are often mixed together so you might be able to find both at once. You should also look for regular colored bricks as well as stained bricks if you’re not seeing any luck locating these specific colors.

How to make terracotta?

Once you have found your block of clay, place it on the ground and use any pickaxe to mine it. You will get 4-8 terracotta blocks depending on how many times you hit the block with your pickaxe. Once you have mined all of your clay, it’s time to craft. Simply open up your crafting menu and take out all six pieces of terracotta. The first piece will be the one that actually appears in the box, but you can click anywhere outside of it to place it down.

This terracotta has no properties, so you just need to do this once for every chunk that you want to save. Once all six pieces are out, press the ‘craft’ button next to your inventory and wait until it turns back into a block of clay. You can continue doing this until you run out of room in your inventory for these blocks or until you have saved up enough chunks to use Terracotta. It takes 8 chunks per block so I would suggest using three or four blocks on each chunk if you don’t want it anywhere in your base.

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Steps to make terracotta in Minecraft

  • First thing you need is a block of clay. To find clay, dig straight down until the dirt changes into the material that Minecraft calls “clay”, usually around 16 blocks deep.
  • Now it’s time to smelt your clay into terracotta. Start up your furnace and place one piece of clay inside. Add fuel (logs/wood work best) if needed, then wait until it turns into a block of terracotta.
  • You can use almost anything to smelt items in the Furnace menu, but certain items are better at smelting different materials than others.
  • Things like coal burns faster than wood or anything else, but it’ll also burn up faster than other items. Things like clay or dirt are slower to smelt, so you need more of them to smelt the same thing as something like coal. This is why it is good to use wood to smelt terracotta.
  • Most people use it on their own chunks just to keep out potential griefers, but there are plenty of other things you can do with Terracotta. Since one piece of terra makes a whole chunk, just place down a couple terracotta blocks and then another few layers around that in a circular shape.

Use of furnace

You will need a furnace to make terracotta. Once you have a furnace, place a few blocks in a line and place your Furnace on them. Go in the furnace menu and put fuel in for however many stacks of terracotta you want to make. Then add one piece of clay to begin making the terracotta. You can add pieces of clay by going over it with your cursor while holding right-click until all nine pieces are used up (the ninth being the last). If done correctly, you’ll be able to pick up your Terracotta from inside the furnace that should look similar to this:

Place blocks around your terracotta    

Once finished, take it out of your furnace and place a block behind it to keep it from falling over. It should look like this. You can stack them as high as you want, but you won’t be able to use stairs or ladders. You also won’t be able to mine the blocks under the Terracotta without breaking them (unless your pick axe is enchanted with Silk touch). The colored clay does not make any difference which one you choose, they all look the same and work the same way.

Terracotta becomes generic after dropped, if it’s picked up into an inventory then placed again then there is no change in form. If terracotta is placed on a wall directly adjacent to another piece of terracotta both become generic as well as if they are placed next to a piece of wall.

Terracotta as a decoration

Terracotta can be used for decoration and function as building blocks in the same way that Mine craft Bricks do. The only additional feature it has is that you cannot place ladders or stairs on them.  It acts like a solid block with no collision box, meaning you can walk through it even though when looking at the Terracotta, there appears to be nothing behind it. Don’t forget that when mining them in Survival Mode, they will drop themselves instead of the mined block unlike in Creative Mode where they will leave behind what was under them and replace it with air until you break the last one underneath. Once mined, Terracotta become generic so their form changes.

  • Is it difficult to make terracotta in mine craft?

No, it is not difficult. You just need to follow the instructions that are given in the article.

  • Is it available only in one color?

No, it is available more than in one color. The color depended on the color of dye.