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Keys to choosing your bed and breakfast

Bed and breakfast Omaha
Bed and breakfast Omaha

The services of a hotel are the premium or additional elements offered to the guests. These elements vary depending on the accommodation type (for example, if it is a luxury hotel or a hostel). In addition, each accommodation offers certain benefits. They usually include the extras of a room, such as air conditioning, entertainment (TV/stereo), Wi-Fi connection, toiletries, bathrobes, etc., as well as premium accommodation services, such as parking, the restaurant services, the swimming pools, the common areas, the gym, and the leisure options.

Is “service” the same as “special offer”?

Special offers are also extras that hoteliers offer to guests but are technically considered a subset of services. The difference is that services are typically provided to all guests. At the same time, special offers may be included with a specific room reservation to appeal to a specific type of guest, such as families, business travellers, millennials, etc., or increase reserves during a particular period. By way of example, Bed and breakfast Omaha offers may include complimentary breakfast for kids, free parking, free stays for pets, and discounts on available services and activities.

Share your knowledge about the area.

While guests these days spend a lot of time researching their travelling destination to find out all there is to see and do, your local knowledge will make their stay even better. You may want to create your lists of the best places to try the region’s delicacies, enjoy a yoga class, run and watch the sunrise, or learn more about the history and culture of the area. Bed and breakfast Nebraska offers them these lists when they check into your accommodation. Please leave them in the rooms or send them in advance so they can start making plans.

Charm them with welcome gifts

Arriving at the room and seeing that a gift awaits them greatly improves the first impression of the guests. In addition, the gesture will make them more predisposed to enjoy their stay. You can take advantage of the products and flavors of the area to add unique meaning to the detail. You can present them with chocolates, fruit, soaps, or locally-produced lotions. If the accommodation has a restaurant, this is an excellent occasion to show the talent of your cooks with cookies or snacks from the house.

Although these exclusive details are, above all, a way of striving to make your guests’ stay pleasant, Bed and breakfast Lincoln also makes the experience unique, which is why it is very likely that they will mention them in their comments. Include these unique amenities in your listings and ensure they meet or exceed guest expectations. Visibility on their websites is improved by providing a complete property listing and receiving positive feedback from guests.

Differences And Similarities Between The Services Of A B&B And A Hotel

When travelling, many are used to the hotel’s services. From the change of sheets to the laundry, through the restaurant service at any time, without forgetting the minibar. Some people think that a bed and breakfast could never be for them because they do not provide any service, although this is not the case. Bed and breakfast near me are much more straightforward than hotels. It is no less authentic than hotels. However, any of these accommodations can provide quality services to satisfy all guests.

WiFi connection

Until ten years ago, hotels having Wi-Fi were a complete rarity. Most only had a connection in the lobby and surrounding areas, and the rooms were on the side. That was even worse at many bed and breakfasts run by seniors without internet access. But everything changed, and now, hotels fully include WiFi as part of their service, just like bed and breakfasts, which usually have home networks but are of good quality.

Laundry service and sheets

hotels, bed, and breakfasts serve in the rooms: they change the sheets, and the covers, wash them, and clean the room. However, not all accommodations in this category offer a laundry service, a much more frequent activity in hotels. To ensure that you can wash your clothes in a bed and breakfast, it is advisable to ask beforehand. Also, you must know if the place’s staff is in charge of washing it or if you must do it yourself.


As its name implies, bed and breakfasts mean “bed and breakfast.” In many hotels, breakfast is included, but in bed and breakfasts, it is the norm and, therefore, part of the package. In a group of hours, the managers of the accommodation will be in charge of serving breakfast to the tourists. Unlike many hotels, the rest of the meals are usually not included, but there is a possibility that bed and breakfasts let guests use the kitchen.

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