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In-Depth Guide Of Mila Kunis Net Worth, Bio, Movies & TV Shows, Age, Height, And More


Mila Kunis: Renowned American Actress

Mila Kunis is a renowned American actress who has captivated audiences with her exceptional talent and charm. From her early days on television to her successful career in films, Kunis has established herself as one of Hollywood’s most versatile and beloved actresses. The incredible amount of Mila Kunis net worth is a true reflection of the earnings she made by her hard working and successful contracts. This in-depth guide will explore Mila Kunis’ net worth, her biography, notable movies and TV shows, her age, height, and other intriguing details that make her an icon in the entertainment industry.

Born:August 14, 1983
Mila Kunis Net Worth: In 2023: Around $75 million
Age:39 years
Height:5′ 3″ (1.63 m or 163 cm)
Known For:That ’70s Show, Black Swan, Friends with Benefits, The Book of Eli, Ted
Husband:Ashton Kutcher
Parents:Mark Kunis and Elvira Kunis
YouTube:Mila Kunis (10.4 million subscribers)
Popular Movies:Black Swan (2010), Friends with Benefits (2011), The Book of Eli (2010), Ted (2012), Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)
Social Media Accounts:Instagram: @milakunis (28.5 million followers)
Twitter: @MilaKunis (16.2 million followers)
Facebook: Mila Kunis (15 million followers)
Some Quick Facts of Mila Kunis

Early Life and Background

Mila Kunis, whose full name is Milena Markovna Kunis, was born on August 14, 1983, in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. At seven, she moved with her family to Los Angeles, California, seeking better opportunities. Kunis faced numerous challenges as an immigrant, including language barriers, but she quickly adapted and learned English fluently.

Breakthrough Role and Rise to Fame

Mila Kunis achieved widespread acclaim for her portrayal of Jackie Burkhart in the widely popular television series “That ’70s Show” (1998-2006). Her natural comedic timing and magnetic presence on screen made her a fan favorite. The show’s success propelled Kunis into the spotlight and opened doors for her in the film industry.

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Unveiling Mila Kunis Net Worth

Mila Kunis has amassed an impressive net worth throughout her career. As of 2023, her net worth reaches at around $75 million. Her earnings come from acting projects, brand endorsements, and business ventures. Kunis has proven herself as a bankable star, commanding substantial salaries for her performances.

Notable Movies and TV Shows

Kunis has showcased her acting prowess in various movies and TV shows. Some of her notable works include: 


  • “Black Swan” (2010)  
  • “Friends with Benefits” (2011)  
  • “Ted” (2012)  
  • “Bad Moms” (2016)  
  • “The Spy Who Dumped Me” (2018)  

TV Shows

  • “Family Guy” (voice acting)
  • “Robot Chicken” (voice acting)
  • “American Dad!” (voice acting)

Awards and Accolades

Mila Kunis’ talent and dedication have earned her several awards and accolades throughout her career. She has received nominations and wins from prestigious institutions such as the Academy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Kunis’ performances have consistently garnered critical acclaim and admiration from industry peers and audiences.

Personal Life and Relationships

Beyond her professional achievements, Mila Kunis leads a fulfilling personal life. She began dating her “That ’70s Show” co-star Ashton Kutcher in 2012, and the couple married in 2015. They have two children together. Philanthropy and Social Causes Mila Kunis is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors and supports numerous social causes. She advocates for women’s rights and has worked with organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Kunis has also shown her support for gender rights and has used her platform to raise awareness about important issues affecting marginalized communities.

Mila Kunis’ Age and Height

As of 2023, Mila Kunis is 39 years old. She stands at a height of 163 cm. Despite being petite in stature, her talent and screen presence have significantly impacted the entertainment industry.

The Future of Mila Kunis’ Career

With her talent, versatility, and remarkable on-screen charisma, Mila Kunis has a promising future in the entertainment industry. She continues to take on challenging roles and expand her horizons as an actress. Enthusiastic fans can eagerly look forward to Mila Kunis’ upcoming projects, eagerly anticipating her continued growth and artistic evolution.

Interesting Facts Relating to Mila Kunis’s Life

  • Mila moved to the United States with her family at seven.
  • Kunis learned English by watching television shows like “The Price is Right.”
  • Her breakout role played Jackie Burkhart on the “That ’70s Show.”
  • Kunis provided the voice for Meg Griffin on the animated sitcom “Family Guy.”
  • She has a black belt in Shotokan karate, which she earned at 14.
  • Kunis starred alongside Natalie Portman in the critically acclaimed film “Black Swan,” for which she received widespread praise.
  • She has appeared in several music videos, including Aerosmith’s “Jaded” and The Strokes’ “The End Has No End.”
  • Kunis is married to her former “That ’70s Show” co-star Ashton Kutcher, and they have two children together.
  • She is fluent in Russian and often speaks the language with her family.


Mila Kunis’ journey from an immigrant to a highly acclaimed actress inspires aspiring artists worldwide. Mila Kunis’ exceptional talent, unwavering determination, and unwavering dedication to her craft have propelled her to remarkable success and recognition in the entertainment industry. Mina Kunis net worth is rising yearly due to her prominent fan following and higher earning. From her breakthrough role in “That ’70s Show” to her captivating movie performances, Kunis has left an indelible mark on audiences and continues to impress with her versatility. This article highlights real and updated facts about Mila Kunis Net Worth, his followers keep searching on various social platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Mila Kunis net worth?

Mila Kunis’ net worth is estimated at approximately [insert net worth here]. Her successful career in acting, brand endorsements, and other ventures contribute to her wealth.

Which movies are Mila Kunis known for?

Mila Kunis is known for her roles in movies such as “Black Swan,” “Friends with Benefits,” “Ted,” “Bad Moms,” and “The Spy Who Dumped Me.”

Has Mila Kunis won any awards?

Mila Kunis has received nominations and wins from prestigious awards ceremonies, including the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Is Mila Kunis involved in any philanthropic work?

Yes, Mila Kunis is actively involved in philanthropic work, and supports causes such as women’s rights.

What is Mila Kunis’ height?

Mila Kunis stands at the height of 163 cm.