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Common Mistakes to Avoid in the 4 Modules of the PTE Exam

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Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

The PTE exam is well known all over the world. Numerous universities in English-speaking nations recognize this test. In recent years, the test has grown significantly in popularity among students. Avoiding these typical mistakes is essential if you want to do well on this exam. Your ability to receive a high score may be hampered by these errors. Therefore, carefully read this article to learn about those errors and how to prevent them.

There is no denying that all of us have a propensity for making mistakes. Many students are perplexed as to why, in spite of their greatest efforts, they received a lower test result. It is a result of the errors they commit. By being aware of them, you can consciously avoid committing some of the most common PTE mistakes. Join the top PTE coaching in Jalandhar if you want advice on the PTE exam from leading professionals.

Now To learn about the common mistakes students make in the four modules of the PTE exam, keep reading this article:-

With regard to the Reading Task

Students who are taking the PTE exam reading section must rearrange selected paragraphs from the provided material. Some of the sentences need to be moved from one screen panel to another, where they are displayed in the correct order. This section of the reading module’s major goal is to assess how well students can understand the organization of written content in the English language. But a lot of people struggle with this. Language-based cues like connecting words or expressions that start with an introduction clause are disregarded. These elements collectively allow writings to have a logical structure. Correct sentence rearranging can be a monumental endeavor if you don’t understand clauses or linking words.

Students will be helped to avoid making this mistake if they are aware of linking words, opening and closing statements, and how to describe ideas or situations in English. They could sign up for in-class activities where pupils practice rearrangement of paragraphs. For illustration:

  • Bring in a few articles from the news, blog posts, or quick academic texts.
  • It should be broken up into numerous paragraphs with different arrangements.
  • Do your best to reorganize the paragraphs now.
  • Read the rearranged text out loud after you’re done to fully comprehend their justification while focusing on the linguistic hints.

Therefore, adhere to the following guidelines to achieve high PTE exam scores.

As part of the listening task

In PTE listening tasks, the students must summarise a spoken text. This activity is designed to determine whether the students have the capacity to understand and summarise the main ideas of the lecture. While listening to audio recordings, students are permitted to take notes. Following that, they have ten minutes to provide a 50-70 word summary of the audio. Additionally, they will receive grades for this assignment based on the caliber of their writing and how well they summarised the lecture’s important points. However, a lot of kids just repeat what they hear verbatim. This proves that they have heard and understood the words in the audio. However, it doesn’t show their ability to effectively summarise in their own words.

For the PTE exam, a lack of originality may result in a score reduction. To achieve a good score on the PTE exam, candidates must practice this activity thoroughly. In order to do this exercise effectively, attempt the following: Choose a quick video to watch, such as a Ted Talk. If it’s only a few minutes long, play it twice to help the audience understand the ideas. Now, while working in pairs, you should take notes and summarise the major points of the movie. Consider using the most recent terminology and synonyms in your work.

For the Writing Assignment

Two PTE writing assignments must be completed. The candidates write a concise, argumentative, or persuasive essay to demonstrate their essay-writing skills. On a situation or subject, students will be given a quick written prompt asking them to agree or disagree, offer their opinion, or make a comment. They have twenty minutes to compose a piece of 200–300 words. Currently, this curriculum has a high rate of student errors.

First of all, a lot of them write essays that exceed the PTE word limit. This is a definite no. The word count must be strictly adhered to. Be prepared to lose marks if this happens. The quality of your writing might also be affected by not using a broad vocabulary, correct syntax, clauses, transition words, etc. Work effectively on these errors if you want a high score in the writing module of the PTE exam. You might look for PTE online coaching to learn the best strategies for acing the test.

For the Speaking Assignment

One of the PTE Speaking tasks requires candidates to describe a visual during the speaking activity. This exercise is designed to test students’ ability to accurately explain what they see in a graph, chart, map, table, or other visual representation. Students only have 25 seconds to prepare their remarks while analyzing a screen image. After that, they have an additional fifteen seconds to describe the image aloud. The microphone automatically turns off after 40 seconds. This suggests that the job is finished. Now, this is where students typically err by memorizing an answer to an image they have seen when studying for an exam. This typically means that they haven’t described the image in front of them adequately.

Students may opt to do this if they are uneasy with their vocabulary level. To avoid making this mistake, practice describing a range of photos. You should make an audio recording of yourself doing the assignment. Play to your tape and make note of any word gaps and potential improvement areas. You can prepare properly for the PTE exam with the help of this. Your chances of receiving a high score will greatly increase,

Wrapping It Up

The PTE exam can be difficult to prepare for, and mistakes are frequent. Even though everyone makes mistakes occasionally, you should try to keep from doing so. These frequent mistakes PTE exam participants make have been covered in this article. This will help you develop effective performance and preparation strategies. We hoped that this post made you aware of the mistakes people often make when preparing for the PTE exam.