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My Head is My Cat’s Favorite Sleeping Spot, And I Want to Know Why.


Little kitties are cuddly babies whose mischievous side comes into play whether or not it is game time. For instance, you might have noticed some odd but somewhat cute sleeping habits. Although every cat is an individual, most would love to sneak beneath the covers to share the bed with their favorite human.

A furball sleeping on its owner’s tummy or under their stretched arm, near the head, and in other places shouldn’t be surprising. While this can seem adorable, furry babies sometimes refuse to let go of their owners whether or not it is nap time.

It could be that the cat wants its hooman’s company or to let them know about its sickness or is requesting something. Pay attention to your cat to get clues on the message it is trying to convey to you. Should you suspect an illness, scoop up your cat to the vet asap.

The best pet insurance allows you to provide your kitty cat with top-notch medical care for broader-ranging health conditions with minor economic hassle. Contemplate purchasing pet insurance for cats so you don’t need to think twice about seeking medical help during dire health circumstances and medical emergencies. 

In the meantime, read this article to learn why kitty cats may want to sleep on their owner’s head. 


#1 To stay warm

Cats are pretty good at finding comfort spots inside the house to nap safely. Your kitty may curl up by your side on your bed and expect you to cover it with a warm blanket too. The head is one of the favorite cat spots because humans lose heat through their heads, and the cat can have the luxury of sleeping on a warm pillow on top of which its owner’s head is resting.

#2 Kitty loves you

There are many ways to show affection, and sleeping on the head is one way a cat expresses it. Some kitties prefer lying on their owner’s lap and softly purring, while others might want to stay close to their owners and follow them everywhere. A highly affectionate cat might sleep near its owner’s face and not their feet. The kitty can take a seat near your head, groom your hair, paw your face, and do much more to tell you that it loves you.

#3 To avoid kicks

The place above your head might seem more guarded than other areas. If your kitty had an experience of being squashed or kicked in the past while sleeping beside you or close to your feet, then it may have chosen to migrate to a safer sleeping place where there are fewer chances of being hurt or accidentally injured. With this, your kitty has made a less disturbed arrangement for nap time.

#4 Kitty is marking you

Your kitty may want to mark you as its property by rubbing its scent on your head, or it may be that your furry finds the smell of your shampoo very comforting. Sleeping on your head can be a sign of trust and faith your cat has in you. Don’t shoo it away unless it troubles you.

To ensure both of you sleep well, make your bed and the way to it comfortable for your pet. It is particularly important if you have a senior feline suffering from chronic ailments who wants to sleep with you. Consider adding pet stairs or ramps to make your bed and pillow easily accessible. 

At the same time, consider being equipped with pet insurance for cats so dealing with unanticipated vet bills is much easier. The best pet insurance ensures your furry friend basic health benefits for various covered health conditions and emergencies, so why not contemplate purchasing a policy?