Home Fashion Stunning Choices to Make with Baby Nehru Jacket for Wedding

Stunning Choices to Make with Baby Nehru Jacket for Wedding

Stunning Choices to make with Baby Nehru Jacket for Wedding
Stunning Choices to make with Baby Nehru Jacket for Wedding

When it comes to Indian weddings, people love wearing traditional attires to flaunt in complete ethnic look. And everyone looks stunning in ethnic wear from kids to adults. While girls & women mostly prefer to wear Anarkalis, Ghagras, and Lehengas, on the other hand, the boys & men like waistcoats, kurtas, suits, and Nehru jackets to give a classy and handsome look. If you need a special element that marks your dapper look to a T on your special day. You can consider adding a Nehru Jacket for wedding ensembles at Kidslane. We are sharing some ideas of how you can style and combine Nehru jackets in quirky modern ways.

What is Nehru Jacket?

A Nehru Jacket is a tailored coat with a mandarin collar of hip length and a jacket appearance. It was first designed in the 1940s in India, belonging to the pre-independence era. It gained its name after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and was formerly known as the “BandhGala Coat” which means closed neck coat. Nehru jackets first became popular in the 1960s and have been famous ever since. It will be a very versatile and stylish piece of clothing in your little one’s wardrobe, as they can wear it on any occasion.

Nehru Jacket for Wedding –

The perfect wedding looks for kids is ethnic attire like Nehru Jacket. The look is very versatile and can be styled in many different, contemporary, and ethnic ways to reflect his best personality. The stylish and graceful fashion trend for kids has won many hearts. With its traditional sensibilities and contemporary aesthetics. Nehru Jacket for a wedding look is one of a kind and will surely make your little one a head-turner.

Nehru Jackets for Festive Season –

Celebration during the festival is incomplete without new clothes that give an ethnic touch to the personality. We all like wearing new clothes at special festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. For festive shopping, everyone feels excitement and happiness when it comes to festive shopping, especially the little ones. Kids are the most excited to get new additions to their wardrobes. Kids shopping needs a lot of time and patience as you need to check the style, quality, and most importantly comfort while shopping for your tiny tot.

Kurta Pajama with Nehru Jacket –

Opt for a traditional look to Kurta and Pajama combination and ditch the shirt and jeans to add a hint of a twist to the traditional look. This is perfect for any wedding party and can also traditionally be worn on a wedding day or any family event. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn on different ethnic occasions and creates a bold style statement for your kid.

Dhoti Pants with Nehru Jacket –

If the event culture requires you to wear a dhoti on your wedding day, adding a Nehru jacket on top for a unique look will make a classic statement. If you are not required to wear a dhoti customarily, wearing one will give you an outstanding look on your wedding day. It is a perfect style for your kids to create a stylish statement.

Jodhpuri Pants with Nehru Jacket –

Make your little one a style icon to choose a Nehru Jacket for a pair of tailored Jodhpuri pants. Pair it up with an embroidered Nehru jacket and matching embroidered juttis and have yourself a uniquely regal attire. Besides traditional bottom-wear, Nehru jackets will look great when they are paired with western style.

Embroidered Nehru Jacket –

Nehru Jackets with hand embroidered for wedding looks classy and regal especially when it is paired with soft hues. complement your ethnic attire by pairing it with a matching embroidered Jutti and Safa in a similar style. A perfect example of a royal Nehru Jacket for a wedding would be hand embroidered work.

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Printed Nehru Jacket –

Printed Nehru Jackets for wedding functions are a playful yet sophisticated option to choose from. One can personalize the aesthetic prints and colors to match your better half on a big day. Floral, ethnic motifs, geometric, basic checks, and the options to customize it.

Conclusion –Why should girls always be the style icon, this time make your little one look handsome hunk. Add a final touch to your ethnic attire with an exquisitely handcrafted Nehru Jacket for wedding wear. This timeless Kids’ Ethnic Wear in Jaipur is a must-have in your boys’ wardrobe and gives you every opportunity to look royal.