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The 5 Best Place For Lunch On MM Alam Road You Must Visit

A image of Best Place For Lunch On MM Alam Road
A image of Best Place For Lunch On MM Alam Road

Lahore is the home of gorgeous and delicious restaurants. There are many Instagrammable eateries in Lahore, each with a distinct style. If you’re an individual who loves delicious food and appreciates a beautiful interior, then you’ve surely come to the right page. Here are the Best Place For Lunch On MM Alam Road. They all serve delicious food, a great atmosphere, and excellent service.

Deja by Khadija

“Deja” by Khadija is a stunning café-style bakery in Lahore, situated inside Sui Gas Society, Lahore. From the moment you step inside the café, it’s like you’ve taken a trip to Paris. The restaurant’s decor is stunning, with pink grey, gold, and black colours. The wrought iron furniture painted in gold with pink upholstery blends in with the pink Parisian style of the dining room. Furthermore, the bright sunlight streaming through the enormous windows creates a luminous glow. The walls, painted with shades of grey, pink, and silver, are decorated with flower stencils and clipboards. Overall, the tiny restaurant has a cosy and warm environment.

The bakery cafe serves delightful sweet and savoury dishes. The extensive menu includes snacks, salads, sandwiches, pasta, chicken entrees, pasta, and more. They also have an array of delectable desserts like pancakes, cookie waffles, cake puddings, and many more. The food presentation is excellent as well. Therefore, Deja by Khadija serves delicious food in a visually pleasant and comfortable setting that is worth a stop.

Coco Cubano

The Coco Cubano cafe is the Best Place For Lunch On MM Alam Road. Coco Cubano is a fashionable Cuban-inspired Australian cafe. The restaurant is small and cosy. Serves Cuban food to the residents from Lahore. The cafe’s interior has been cleverly constructed to show an authentic Cuban style. The bright teal-coloured walls and nail-adorned South American street art will make one feel like they’re in the heart of downtown Havana. The dark yet vibrant atmosphere is an experience all of its own. Additionally, the beautiful Vespa and the artistic display of antique Cuban items will tempt you to sit down for dinner.

Coco Cubano offers a diverse menu of Mexican food items like delicious tacos, chicken entrees, burritos and sandwiches, burgers, salads, mojitos, and salads. Their cocktails, fajita menu, nachos, waffles, and churros are must-try items. The service is fast with a knowledgeable and courteous staff. Overall, it offers an amazing atmosphere, great service, and delicious food and is located in an ideal area.

Pink Pistachio

Pink Pistachio is another beautiful bakery and cafe within DHA Phase 5. The restaurant, which has a European atmosphere, is considered a visually attractive eaterie in Lahore. The cafe’s small space, decorated in pastel colours and floral arrangements, makes a grand statement of femininity. The pink upholstered chairs paired with gold-tinted iron furniture emit warmth and comfort. Additionally, the interior area of the café has adorable frames, wall hangings, white and pink lighting, marbled tables, and even flowers. It’s as if you’re dining in a cafe in Paris. This is why the exquisitely decorated restaurant will make one fall in love with it.

The charming pink pistachio cafe provides a variety of gorgeous desserts, slices of bread made by hand, and custom-designed cakes. In addition, the cafe’s all-day menu includes food items like lunch meals, dinner, snacks, coffee, and so on. Dining at the Pink Pistachio cafe, with its incredible food, perfect atmosphere, and outstanding service is an unforgettable experience you’ll never forget.


The next item on the list of the Best Place For Lunch On MM Alam Road is Dock27. The restaurant’s continental location, at M.M Alam Road, is themed around the nautical theme. The restaurant is exquisitely decorated with sea-related decor. Anchors on walls, iconic round-shaped window chains, and dim lighting all represent a restaurant with a nautical theme. Furthermore, the tables and chairs aren’t ordinary either. The rustic design with tiny steering wheels attached to the sides of the tables gives the restaurant a classic look.

The restaurant is themed around the nautical theme. Dock27 provides a unique setting with a varied menu. The menu for the bar includes soups and salads, starters and signature dishes, meat entrees, chicken dishes, seafood pizzas, pasta sandwiches, burgers, desserts, and drinks. In addition to the outstanding ambience along with food and service, this restaurant attracts guests with its professional and well-trained staff. To summarize, Dock27 functions in a manner that enhances the dining experience.

Sweet Tooth

If you’re looking for places that are interesting and places to visit, this ‘cartoon café is worth a visit. The cafe blends reality and illusion with its cartoon-like decor, reminiscent of pen-drawn drawings. The interior of the restaurant is black and white. Provides a visual contrast between what’s real and not. Lamps, tables, chairs, walls, and other items are drawn in black and white with fillings that look like 2D cartoons. This is why the fun-filled look and optical illusion make it a must-see for anyone.

Additionally, the restaurant serves various fast food options, Italian cuisine, continental food, desserts, and more. From breakfast to dinner, they serve all-you-can-eat meals, too. In other words, the flavorful and sweet dining experience at Sweet Tooth is unique. So, with its captivating architectural design, fun ambience, and tasty cuisine, Sweet Tooth is the perfect spot to spend time with your pals in a relaxed setting.

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