Home Automobile There are some details of a two-wheeler insurance claim that you should be aware of

There are some details of a two-wheeler insurance claim that you should be aware of

There are some details of a two-wheeler insurance claim that you should be aware of

The majority of the insurance providers have a very easy and hassle-free claim process. You can even process it online right from the comfort of your home. For the best motor insurance policies, you can get them from Bajaj Allianz. The Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance is one of the best in India. The Acko insurance bike policy also has a very easy claim process. Here are some of the essential details of a two-wheeler insurance claim you should be aware of. Read to know more!

Add on covers of a two-wheeler insurance policy

The claim is considered the top feature of any insurance policy. Whether you are buying a health insurance policy or a vehicle insurance policy, you should know about its claim. To begin with, there are various things with all insurers. Whether you buy a policy with Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance company or have an Acko insurance bike policy, there are basic add-on covers with every policy. These things include; zero depreciation cover on your bike, no claim bonus, EMI protection, engine protection cover, return to invoice, & daily allowance benefit. In addition, apart from this, Bajaj Allianz’s two-wheeler insurance, Acko insurance bike policy, and various other insurer offer roadside assistance during your policy.

Process of filing two-wheeler insurance claim

knowing details of how to process your bike insurance claim is one of the important aspects of policy. You need to follow basic steps to claim your bike insurance policy. To begin with, contact your bike insurance policy company and register for a claim. If your bike is stolen or involved in a major accident, lodge an FIR. After doing this, you should analyze your damage by visiting a garage. We recommend you visit the authorized garage of your bike insurance company. For instance, if your policy is from Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance, find the nearby garage collaborated with Bajaj Allianz. Then you can process your claim by following instructions, you should also need to submit details and a set of documents for a successful claim process.

Documents required for a two-wheeler insurance claim if it is an accidental damage

There are two reasons for a bike insurance policy claim, it can wither under accidental damage or theft-related claim. For both criteria, there is a set of documents that you need to submit for a successful process of claim. In addition, if your bike is under accidental damage then you need to submit proof of your Acko bike insurance policy, it can be a copy of the policy or a cover note. Then you need to submit the RC of the bike, Police FIR if there is any third-party involvement. Along with this, you need to submit your driving license & estimated repair bill. In the final process, you need to submit the payment slip of your bike repairing cost & claim discharge plus satisfaction. 

Documents required for the two-wheeler insurance claim if it is a theft related

If you opt for comprehensive bike insurance, then you can place, theft-related claims on your bike insurance policy. If your bike is under theft-related claim, you need the original RC of your bike & original two-wheeler insurance documents. Along with this, submit tax payment receipt, theft endorsement from RTO, two-wheeler keys, warranty cards, & booklets. Other than this, you will be required previous two-wheeler insurance details, police FIR, & approved copy from RTO declaring that your bike is not in use. These are the basic documents you need, whether you own Bajaj Allianz two-wheeler insurance, Acko insurance bike policy, or any other bike insurance policy.    

Two-wheeler insurance, often known as bike insurance, is a policy you purchase to protect your motorbike or scooter from any damages that may be caused by an accident, theft, or major disaster.

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