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End-To-End Process Of Selling Your Used Motorcycle

End-To-End Process Of Selling Your Used Motorcycle

Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik

So, finally, the time has come for you to finally selling your used motorcycle and get ready to own a new two-wheeler of a particular choice. Certainly, every piece of machinery has a specific life and tenure, and exceeding that you are left with no option but to sell or get rid of the same.

In case, your current motorcycle no longer provides you with that expected mileage, speed, and performance, then sell it off at a reliable platform. There might be the case, you have got bored with your old bike and looking forward to buying a new one. In that scenario as well, do check motorcycle value before selling the same.

And most importantly, follow several strategic ways to get the expected price of your current two-wheeler. Therefore, here in this blog, we are sharing with you a comprehensive guide or an end-to-end process that you can follow to check bike value and sell accordingly at the best price.

Without any further delay, let’s get started with the process.

1. Get the papers ready for your used motorcycle

The first and foremost thing you must do before starting to auction your motorcycle for sale and keep on checking the used motorcycle’s value is to get the papers ready. That’s what every sensible buyer requires from your side to provide a ready list of the motorcycle’s original documents, completed, and in the correct form. Therefore, it is imperative on your part to make a list of used motorcycle papers you need to pile up and especially the original copies.

For reference, you need to have the following motorcycle papers ready with you.

List item
List item
List item
a) Original copy of the bike’s RC (registration certificate) that must be having essential information mentioned like the bike’s registration number, year of manufacturing, owner’s name, address, chassis number, and other details.
b) You must provide a valid and original copy of the bike’s insurance to interested buyers. Make sure you have done comprehensive insurance for your motorcycle instead of just a third-party one.
c) To provide the original copy of the bike’s PUC certificate with valid dates mentioned on the same along with the stamp & sticker.
d) Road tax papers are also necessary to provide to an interested buyer to know the exact price of the motorcycle at the time you purchased the same.
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e) The NOC certificate is another crucial document that you must prepare with a clear mention of no such objection to selling your used motorcycle to another person.

2. List all the previous records of bike

Apart from the relevant documents you need to produce at the time of checking used two-wheeler valuation online or offline. You also be needing a previous track record of your motorcycle to provide the current condition information. The previous record means the service information, any traffic violation, or the insurance claim.

All such information is necessary to ascertain the current condition of your motorcycle and provide value as per the market factor. So, as a seller, you must take out all the previous records of your motorcycle from the concerned departments and authorities. And provide the real-time bike picture to the interested set of buyers.

3. Take care of the pending issues

If you really want to maximize the value of your motorcycle before selling it, then it is imperative to do the pending fixes technically and physically. That means you need to check your bike’s condition mechanically and technically. For having a better understanding to increase the resell value of your used motorcycle, keep a few considerations in mind.

a) Check & fix the engine irregularities with the help of an automotive expert. If required, then change spare parts with genuine ones to ensure seamless riding conditions.
b) Do check the brake wires, levers, and pedals before start talking about selling your motorcycle. Again, change the broken parts with the original ones to get the best motorcycle value.
c) Check and inflate tires accordingly. And, if there is a need to replace old tires with new ones, then do the same.
d) Adjust and replace any malfunctioning bulb or light on your bike to make it hassle-free in riding.
e) Adjust or change the chain parts or the complete system with a new and genuine one.
f) Replace the broken or missing nuts or screws with new ones.
g) Change the engine oil and brake oil in your bike for effective functioning ahead.
h) Adjust the bike’s mileage to an optimum extent and provide a real-time picture to the buyer.
i) Fully lubricate the required parts, cables, and other areas of your used motorcycle to ensure an effective riding experience ahead.

In short, you have to do all the fixes on your current motorcycle, before checking its value on Wheels of Trust (WOT) or any other platform. And receive the best-expected price of the same.

4. Give your motorcycle a much-needed wash

Another thing to take into consideration is maintaining the overall physical outlook of your motorcycle to an optimum extent. For the purpose itself, it is important to wash your motorcycle first from a reliable partner and do the necessary physical fixes. Firstly, you must wash the bike in and out to get rid of all the stuck dirt, dust, grease, and grime across different services. Next, you should do is polish the surface with help of an expert to increase its physical appeal to the eyes of onlookers. Lastly, you can also think of doing the required paintwork on the bike to further improve its physical condition and overall appeal.

5. Take crystal clear pictures of the motorcycle

Another important step that you must follow to extract the best price out of your current motorcycle is taking its clear pictures before posting for the selling purpose. Once have your bike repaired and washed thoroughly, it’s time to take crystal clear pictures to best showcase the same to an interested buyer.

It is relevant to take pictures of your bike in a broad daylight while keeping the background clear and not distracting the view out of your two-wheeler. You must click clear photos of your bike from every single direction while keeping a special emphasis on its external body parts, lights, handlebar, and seat. Once clicked the same, then share with the respective choices of buyers and ask their opinion before selling the same.

6. Start evaluating the price of your bike

Lastly, you must find a reliable platform to do the used two-wheeler valuation accordingly before selling to someone. It is imperative on your part to know the real-time value of your motorcycle before selling the same. For instance, Wheels of Trust (WOT) is a reliable platform that allows you to do the end-to-end valuation of your current motorcycle. Based on factors like a year of manufacturing, particular model, and current physical & mechanical condition, check motorcycle value online on this site, without going anywhere else.


Selling your used bike is no longer a hassle now. With the help of our comprehensive guide, you can follow strategic steps to sell at the best-expected price. Not only this, check the valuation on WOT platform as a reliable way to further sell and buy a new Hero motorcycle with ease and comfort. So, what are you waiting for? Improve the overall condition of your motorcycle and sell accordingly at the possible price.