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Timothy Weah – scoring for the US team received a great reward from Vn88cx


Vn88 mobile said: 21-year-old striker Timothy Weah scored the first goal for the US team in the 2022 World Cup. But few people know that Timothy Weah is the son of Liberian President George Weah

In the 36th minute of the match, striker Timothy Weah smartly broke the offside trap and then skillfully knocked out goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey (Welsh), scoring the first goal of the US team in the 2022 World Cup.

Although the US team was held 1-1 in the end, Timothy Weah still received many praises for his bold impression in his first appearance in the World Cup. But few people know that Timothy Weah has a “terrible” family. Vn88.cx daily sport newspaper added.

Specifically, Timothy Weah is the son of current Liberian President George Weah. Mr. George Weah was also once a famous player of African football, with 3 times winning the title of “Best African Player”.

Mr. George Weah also won the title of “European Ballon d’Or” in 1995 and “World’s Best Player” in 1995. During his playing career, striker George Weah played a total of 478 matches in many colors. Famous clubs such as: Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Chelsea, Manchester City… and won countless titles.

As noted by Vn88.cx, Mr. George Weah also scored 18 goals in 75 matches for Liberia. After retiring in 2003, he turned to politics and has been the president of Liberia since January 2018.

Despite having a father who is the president of Liberia, Timothy Weah was born and raised in the United States. After that, he chose to play for the US youth teams. Now he joins the US team in the 2022 World Cup, hoping to make a splash to continue his father’s illustrious football career.

“Football Won’t Come Home By Harry Maguire”. That is the content on the provocative banner that Iranian fans gave to the England team at yesterday’s match on November 21. Maguire dropped in form at Man Utd, having to sit on the bench most of the early part of the season. However, coach Gareth Southgate still believes in using Maguire to partner with John Stones.

The situation where Maguire headed the Iranian post, and then assisted Bukayo Saka with his head, explains why the former Leicester City defender is trusted. Maguire is still useful in Coach Southgate’s system, in addition to his defensive role, but also the ability to threaten in the set phase. Midfielder Maguire has disappointed Vn88cx and this brand is making a move to rethink its sponsorship.

Defense and the ball are the two factors that helped Southgate’s seemingly unremarkable England team reach the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup. After 4 years, the British leader has awakened Tam’s most feared weapon. Monk.

The Iranian team is not an easy opponent to play against England. At the 2018 World Cup, Iran only lost 2 goals in 2 matches against Spain (lost 0-1) and Portugal (draw 1-1). Under coach Carlos Queiroz, Iran is an Asian team with a pragmatic European style of play.

If Vn88 mobile considers that the Japanese and Korean teams often “drowned” in the World Cup with a physical loss, Iran can have an even shape. Coach Queiroz did not hide his intention to defend the majority with tall players to hold England, similar to the style of play that made it difficult for Spain or Portugal before.

However, the Iranian defense was conceded by the most basic and powerful pieces of England, which was the high ball. Jude Bellingham opened the scoring with a clever take on the space and then shook his head at an extremely difficult angle. In the next corner, Maguire used the power to press the opponent to head the pass for Bukayo Saka to score.

Those were two goals that helped England crush Iran’s resistance. The next 4 goals were scored from more sophisticated and complex pieces, just the result of an almost arranged game thanks to 2 standard England balls.At the 2018 World Cup, England scored 9 of 12 goals in the tournament from set pieces, of which 4 of these (3 corners, 1 fixed) came from the ball. The corner kick combination called “Love Train” that Vn88.cx uses with a row of players connecting and then spreading to make it difficult for the opponent’s defense is England’s most unique feature in the 2018 World Cup.