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Top 5 Possible Causes of Water Damage in your kitchen


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Water is that part of our life that is used in almost every work we do, starting from making food to cleaning things. Here if you talk about the kitchen, water is every vital part which is used for various purposes like cooking, washing utensils, etc. But, if water enters any part of the kitchen in large amounts, it can result in water damage.

That’s why it becomes essential for the homeowner to know how to prevent both minor and significant issues related to water damage in the kitchen, as there are many pieces of equipment in the kitchen that run with water. For example, dishwasher, kitchen sink pipe leakage, water splash, etc. If all of the other things are left unattended for an extended period of time, it can lead to water damage.

However, for better understanding, let’s discuss the top 5 possible causes of water damage in your kitchen.

Causes of water damage in kitchen

  1. Dishwasher leakage

These days dishwasher is one of the beneficial features of the modern kitchen. But if you want the optimum result, it needs to work properly, which means there is no leakage. However, if by chance there is leakage, the water will spill into the kitchen in two ways one is through the door, and the other goes underneath the floor.

Well, the first type of leakage is normal because of various reasons. Apart from that, age can be a factor, or a homeowner has added excess soap, loaded too much dishes, etc.

Moreover, if the water is going inside your kitchen floor or wall, it can be due to cracks in hoses, gasket failure, or can be due to loose connections. If this type of leakage is left unattended for an extended period of time, it can cause catastrophic water damage, which also welcomes mold growth. So, if you want to prevent your kitchen from water damage, inspect the dishwasher regularly to check for any type of leakage, and if found, you must contact a professional water damage repair company to do the needful.

  • The fridge

The fridge is another culprit that can cause water damage in your kitchen. That means the fridge in the kitchen has the right potential to cause water damage due to water lines. It can only be identified by cleaning the fridge regularly to confirm whether the water lines are leaking or not.

Apart from that, another way to check the water leak from the fridge is to keep the mat beneath the water and ice dispensers; if there are stray drops or some of the ice cubes, then indeed there is water leakage from your fridge.

Also, remember one thing: don’t keep this mat for too long; the water will seep into the wet mat and can cause water damage without knowing you. So, ensure to clean your fridge now and then to check for leakage as it will save you the hassle of calling a professional water Damage Company.

  • Water cooler

A water cooler inside the kitchen these days is a luxury that enhances the overall decor of your home. But do you know this water cooler can also cause water damage which can lead to disastrous results. So, to prevent the water damage through the water cooler, ensure to monitor the cooler regularly as leaks can occur via loose connections or cracks.

Apart from that, a cracked jug also trickles in drops of water on the floor that can cause damage slowly. Also, a cracked gasket will lead to water seepage.

  • Kitchen sinks

Every homeowner spends a hefty amount of money on water damage, according to experts. And do you know half of this water damage is due to a faulty plumbing system in the kitchen like a sink. The reason for the sink is that parts of the kitchen where water is used in excess amount. So, if you want to avoid the issue of water damage through the sink, install a back splash.

Apart from that, when you properly clean your kitchen weekly or bi-weekly, inspect the areas where water is used in excess, and if you find any leakage, call the professional immediately. Furthermore, look for kinks in both copper and plastic pipes as there can be pinhole leaks, leading to water damage slowly.

  • Garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is another area where water damage can occur in your kitchen. It is true that garbage disposal is connected to the sink or drain, and with time that connection can become loose or develop cracks due to which it can leak. If the leakage occurs, it can cause floods which are disastrous. So, to avoid this stress, ensure to inspect the disposal regularly for any leakage.

Do’s and Don’t of water damage

  1. Dos of water damage
  • Your first step in case of water damage is to shut off the primary water source from where the water is coming.
  • Also, turn off the main electricity switch to avoid unexpected electrical accidents.
  • Before the professional arrives, try to remove as much water as possible with the help of a mop, towels, vacuum cleaner, etc.
  • Remove all the essential items from that area so they will not get damaged.
  • Open all the doors and windows to keep the place ventilated, which will discourage mold growth.
  • Immediately call the restoration company.
  • Also, call a trustworthy water damage restoration company to clean the mess quickly.
  • Don’t of water damage
  • Ensure not to use any electrical equipment without a safety alert from the professional.
  • Make sure not to leave any colored items near the water damage area or where there is water.
  • Please do not leave the valuable item in water as it can further damage things.
  • Ensure not to perform any of the restoration and repair work yourself as you can worsen the situation further.
  • Do not be late in calling the restoration company.

The bottom line

Water damagein your home or kitchen can occur anytime without any alert. But if you want to prevent this situation make sure to inspect the things which we have discussed above for the best result. If you do so, your kitchen will be safe from water damage, and you can live a comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free life.

On top of that, if your kitchen has faced the issue of water damage, ensure only to call the professional and trustworthy water damage restoration company for the work. I hope through this post, all your doubts related to water damage in your kitchen have been cleared, and you can take preventive steps to stop this damage.

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