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Top Applications of Virtual Numbers

Virtual Numbers

Virtual number for business is used to offer seamless communication with customers.  The cloud-based number is used to route incoming customer calls as per the concern of the customer to the preferred agents. With virtual local and international numbers, a business can easily expand its market reach.

Features & Benefits of Virtual Numbers

Virtual number for business benefits the growth of a business with the features it offers. Virtual call center services often take advantage of the features in multiple ways. The features are:

  1. Call Routing & Call Recording: Virtual call center service attains to the huge volume of calls every day. With a virtual number for business, the call traffic can be managed easily while offering quality service delivery. Incoming calls are easily routed to the agents available at the moment or the experts/departments that the customers specifically asked for. It reduces the caller’s wait time and also reduces call traffic at the same time.

Call recording is an automated feature that helps a business to record all incoming and outgoing calls. Recording all calls empowers a business to use it for future analysis, get real-time insights, etc. It can be used by a business as a tool for training purposes and also to make comparative analysis reports.

  1. Multilingual Support:  Virtual numbers offer multilingual options to a business that makes communication more engaging. With multilingual options, a business can offer local, national as well as international languages. Many virtual phone number providers only focus on the national market, while some focus on national and international market reach. Thus, the language options may vary from one virtual phone number provider to another. A business can choose the provider according to their needs. 

This feature makes business more accessible to customers. As language is a core medium of communication, it helps to reduce barriers to communication. With multiple options, a customer can easily choose to reach the business with the language they are most comfortable with. It makes interaction enriching and efficient which helps a business to grow smoothly.

  1. Concurrent Calls: Virtual call center service attain huge volumes of calls every single day. With virtual numbers making multiple calls at a single time is possible with the concurrent calls feature. A business can run multiple campaigns successfully with the help of concurrent calls. It reduces call traffic and gives every customer adequate quality time. It also enriches customer satisfaction as concurrent calls do not affect the quality of calls or interaction time.
  1. IVR Menu: A virtual number can be integrated with the IVR menu. An IVR menu can direct customers to resolve their issues all by themselves. As the menu offers options to resolve customer issues independently, it helps customers as well as agents. The customers can use the menu without any assistance and if still unsatisfied or the issue is unresolved, the call is directed to the live agents or experts. Where the agents get quality time for other productive work.

Some of The Top Applications of Virtual Numbers

  1. Bookings & Appointments: Virtual numbers are used by many industries to book or make appointments. The food industry, like that of restaurants, can use virtual numbers to arrange pre-bookings. It helps to maintain a disciple, organized eatery environment; also makes the restaurant more elegant and professional. It can resolve the issue of customer wait time and reduce long queues.

Virtual numbers are used by the healthcare industry for making customer appointments. It helps customers to get an appointment with their desired doctor or book tests according to their convenience. It helps patients to book slots without having to travel or being dependent on others to take appointments.

  1. Financial Consultations: Banks, insurance companies, and online marketers use virtual phone numbers for consultations. As virtual numbers for business are dedicated numbers for specific concerns, a customer can easily reach for consultation. It helps to connect customers directly to banks or insurance companies.
  2. Counseling: Virtual numbers are also used for online counseling for educational and health-related matters. It is used by the education or healthcare industry to connect with customers.
  3. Campaign: Virtual call center service is used to run a campaign that reaches more people in a short period. It also helps to deliver messages faster and with more efficiency.

The need for virtual phone number providers is raising with the demand for usage. It makes communication efficient for every business size.