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Top inexpensive Residential societies in the Twin Cities


Last Updated on April 15, 2024 by Umer Malik


On the map of Rawalpindi, residential properties are sprouting up everywhere. The Pakistani real estate sector is doing well, and different housing societies throughout the nation provide better profits compared to any other industry. There are a few housing developments that will offer superior returns if you’re searching for Top inexpensive Residential societies in the Twin Cities

New Metro City Gujar Khan

Among Pakistan’s best residential developments is this non-other New Metro City Gujar Khan. The  Despite being in, both projects have luxurious features that are also reasonably priced, making the best investment opportunities in Pakistan. The Overseas Pakistanis regarded it as a significant investment component in the Pakistani economy and likewise praised and had faith in these ventures.

In Pakistan’s real estate sector, the owners of New Metro City as trailblazing property developers. The projects represent the pinnacle of contemporary infrastructure building, yet their affordability is their main selling point. These projects have made a conscious effort to maintain the rare harmony between world-class amenities and accessibility.

NOC certified

The scheme  (NOC) is said to have received approval from the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). When a residential project is approved, its value increases, making it a safe place to put money. Therefore, the most significant practical justification for investing in the housing scheme is the NOC certification of the resident Community.

The Best Location

Given that it is situated close to GT Road in Gujar Khan, New Metro City enjoys a good position. The current societal owners thoughtfully chose the residential project’s site. GT Avenue is one of the critical roads connecting the twin cities to Islamabad’s residential district.

Plan for Reasonable Plan

The payment schedule of this scheme aims to be reasonable for societal ranges. The owners have formally launched the housing society’s prelaunch anticipated payment schedule. Many financiers are attracted to this Society of its high monetary price schedule. It offers an additional good reason for investing in this residential scheme.

For investment in the twin cities, this scheme is a must-take advantage of the opportunity to make money. The residential complex has many benefits that make it a profitable venture, including a premium location and an innovative grand plan with the most reasonable payment schedule. As a result, the housing complex is already a phenomenon just a few days after its debut.

Mangla Green Housing

Mangla Perspective Resort (Pvt) Ltd’s initiatite  the Mangla Green Housing venture. The plan involves a variety of options, including mansions, apartments, and other structures that offer an enriching environment.

Mangla Dam, a dazzling lake, also provides a breathtaking view of the sunsets and effervescent water. This intriguing concept’s inclusion of one of Asia’s natural aquatic sites is another distinctive feature. There are lush landscapes, stunning lakes, and urban structures to explore. The project is for people who value learning and are obsessive about their assets.

This Community is in a fantastic location with beautiful surroundings; it is close to Mangla Dam and a bit after Mangla Cantonment. It’s in a great place, next to Mirpur and right after the PC Hotel. Your money is secure in a housing neighbourhood. You receive certification and allocation from Society after making a 40% investment, allowing you to start building on the land. A home in a natural context is best in pleasant surroundings. The setting of Society is ideal and serene. Moreover, the add-ons for each plot are also excellent. The Mangla Dam area offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including canoeing and water activities.

Kingdom Valley

An excellent development in the Naya Pakistan Housing Program is the stunning real estate development.  The advantages of investing in the scheme are significant. The inexpensive and practical residential association provides residences at a fair price. Kingdom Valley is on the central Chakri Road, close to the Chakri Interchange. The M-2 Motorway between Islamabad & Lahore is also close to this scheme. This article will examine the numerous justifications for why Kingdom Valley is a wise investment choice.

Investors should thoroughly consider the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the property. Before investing, further recommendations include seeing the property and verifying all the paperwork.


These residential properties were the greatest for making profitable short-term investments. So contact us immediately to learn how to maximise your real estate assets.