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Top Reasons to Choose NodeJS for Product Development

Top Reasons to Choose NodeJS for Product Development

Node.js has become a popular choice among developers for creating web applications in just a little over ten years. By incorporating a two-way client-server communication channel, its advantages make it a top-tier alternative for cross-platform development. Let’s discuss the top Node.js development statistics that demonstrate its superiority to the competition without getting too technical:

a) Node.js is highly popular in the US, with 6.3 million websites using it.
b) Companies such as LinkedIn, Amazon, Tumblr, PayPal, and Netflix have the use cases of Node.js
c) 85% of the developers from the team use Node.js, and do so for website app development.
d) Research reveals that this open-source JavaScript runtime environment reduces development costs by 58%.


Node.js is powered by the Google-created V8 engine. It makes it possible to translate JavaScript code into machine code and cuts down on the amount of time programs must run while being developed. Products for Node.js web app development can manage significantly more parallel connections. PayPal was able to cut the response time of its app by 35% as a result of Node.js application development. The business processed twice as many user requests thanks to this anomalous growth in application productivity.

Cost Savings

OrangeMantra, a web development company, frequently receives requests from potential clients looking to hire specialized Node.js developers. Our product lineup, however, only includes services that have a track record of success. A cost-benefit analysis revealed that Node.js development is significantly less expensive than any alternative.

Compared to PHP or Java servers, it has a smaller memory footprint. A Node.js server runs on an event-driven loop, which conserves a significant amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) and subsequently hardware and software resources.

Advance caching

Any Node.js developer will likely cite the caching features as the software’s greatest strength if you ask them. One-module caching is possible. But how does that change anything? As servers request the first module, it eliminates the need to re-execute code. Caching makes websites load more quickly and improves user experience.

Real-time development

Real-time apps offer users engaging environments that are dynamic and spontaneous. Examples include messaging apps and gaming apps. They are developed using a lot of event-based programming and non-blocking server communication.

Node.js allows developers to focus their efforts on creating real-time web applications because it uses asynchronous operations to improve memory and CPU coordination.


In areas like data streaming applications, JSON API-based applications, and single-page applications, we as a Node.js web application development company recommend its use. We do this while considering its scalability.

The V8 engines used in Node.js web application development allows for extremely fast computation rates. Using microservices, Node.js breaks down an application into smaller processes. These processes can be distributed concurrently to various teams in order to be developed along with the growing user requests.

Data streaming

Product development is more complicated than most people think. We discovered it the hard way as a Node.js development company. The handling of input-output (I/O) is a crucial part of software engineering. I/O handling becomes more challenging to integrate as more web frameworks start classifying HTTPO requests as whole data. But with Node.js mobile app development, which supports I/O bound applications, that is not the case. Users can simultaneously transcode multimedia files as they are uploaded onto the server by using Node.js-built apps.

Key Takeaways

OrangeMantra has the power to launch Node.js-centric product development in full swing as a web development company. Hire node.js developers to manage cross-border projects like ours and establish a reputation with people working together virtually from home. All of that, however, is not possible without the combined efforts of our growth hackers, who have what it takes to advance toward technological superiority.