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What Are the Advantages of Epoxy Flake Flooring, And When Is It Appropriate to Do So?


Flooring plays an integral role in enhancing the aesthetics of the space. From uplifting its look, it is also a valuable addition. Epoxy flake flooring is a decorative and long-lasting type of floor coating used to protect and decorate new concrete surfaces and bring new life to older concrete floors. Flake flooring can also breathe new life into older concrete floors. 

The flakes come in various hues and dimensions, and they are broadcasted (another term for scattering) on top of an epoxy base coat before being covered in a transparent topcoat. The flakes can be purchased in a variety of colours. 

The usage of flake flooring in high-traffic, concreted areas such as warehouses, garages, and driveways result in a coating that is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. Epoxy flake flooring is available in various colours, chip sizes, and textures; hence its customization to suit the requirements of the client is easy. 

Concrete floors in desperate need of an upgrade can benefit greatly from installing flake flooring. Applying a flake floor coating will improve the appearance of stained, aged, and worn-out concrete while increasing its longevity. Additionally, it provides a surface resistant to stains, scratches, and chemicals, and it can be applied without any joins, resulting in a seamless application. This makes the surface easier to clean. 

Key Benefits of Epoxy Flake Flooring 

#1. It Is a Choice That Can Save You Money: Installing a floor made of epoxy flakes is likely to be a lot more cost-effective than you are probably anticipating it will be. In absolute terms, whether you are doing it on a large scale or just one room, in comparison to many other flooring options, it is very cost-effective. The only exception to this is if you are having it done on a large scale at a large business complex, in which case it will cost a significant amount. 

#2. Minimal Upheaval: Inconveniently, if you have to close your business so that flake flooring can be installed, it will harm your earnings; nonetheless, you will be relieved to learn that the installation process is not particularly time-consuming. 

It takes less time when compared to removing an existing floor, which can take several days, and this is true even when taking into account the amount of time required for the epoxy coating to be completely set. 

#3. Slip Resistant: The surface that the coating generates is slip-resistant; you will notice that many buildings have epoxy flake flooring. This surprises many individuals since they incorrectly assume it is slippery because of its bright and smooth surface. 

On the other hand, it is not, and as a result, it offers a safe surface for hundreds and maybe thousands of visitors, employees, and customers who might walk on it on any given day. This is one of the reasons why you will see so many of these floors. 

#4. Simple In Its Upkeep: Epoxy flake flooring is finished with resin and gloss and is straightforward to clean and maintain. They are extremely low maintenance. Brushing, mopping, and the occasional use of a buffing machine are all required to keep them looking as fresh as new over an incredibly long period. 

#5. Durability: Epoxy flake flooring is among the most durable types of flooring that can be installed; its lifespan is quite lengthy. In addition to withstanding millions of footsteps over time, they resist damage caused by falling objects. Furthermore, in environments where chemicals, solvents, and oils are used, such as garages, workshops, and factories, they will not be damaged if any of these substances are spilt on them. 

#6. Versatility: We have previously discussed various settings and kinds of establishments that are appropriate for flake flooring. This takes us to one more of its advantages, namely its versatility. In addition to the numerous applications found in the home, they can also be installed as flooring in virtually any kind of commercial or non-commercial establishment that comes to mind. 


When selecting a flake floor, you have access to a dizzying variety of designs, patterns, and colours, and so you must have a clear plan of the kind of floor design you are targeting. According to some people, this is the primary advantage that epoxy flake flooring provides. It’s remarkable what kind of aesthetics they can produce in a space that was probably just a plain, unattractive plain before they got their hands on it.