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What Are the Characteristics of a Comprehensive Essay?

How to Write a Comprehensive Essay in UK

When assigning an essay, instructors and professors will often remind you that they are looking forward to a comprehensive essay.

So, in this blog, we will talk about the important characteristics of a comprehensive essay, along with giving other details for the same.

But, firstly, let’s briefly learn about how to write a comprehensive essay.

How to Write a Comprehensive Essay?

Essay writing follows specific rules, just like any other game. Here are the guidelines for writing an academic essay.

1. Make use of formal academic English

When writing an academic essay, avoid utilising slang. Similarly, avoid using difficult English terms. Instead, express concepts in your essay using suitable academic writing language. When it comes to writing essays, simplicity is king.

2. Analyze the questions

Ensure that your essay responds to the prompt or assignment Rubric. Everything you write should be properly referenced. To avoid plagiarism, back up ideas with proof from trustworthy sources.

3. Wikipedia should never be used as a source in an academic essay

However, you may use it to become acquainted with the issue, generate ideas, and gain important information about tackling a question or topic.

4. To avoid plagiarism, always cite the source

If you utilise material that is not your own idea. For example, when paraphrasing an article topic, be sure to include the in-text citation and references accurately.

5. Always use the formatting and citation formats specified by your instructor

One might follow the instructions given by the professor or that are applicable to your field of study. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs. Professors like original articles.

6. Write your essays in the form of prose

Use well-balanced paragraphs, though. A paragraph should never be more than 150 words. Always use a five-paragraph essay style, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Each introduction and conclusion should account for 10% of the overall word count. As part of the start of your essay, you must provide a hook and a statement.

Now, let’s read about the important features of a comprehensive essay.

Characteristics of a Comprehensive Essay

1. It is comprehensive, well-written, and in-depth

A comprehensive essay is one that extensively explores a certain topic or gives strong arguments to support or establish a thesis statement. Its material focuses on addressing topics at a higher level without omitting vital data and keeping the reader in mind.

2. It’s written in a well-organised way

Writing a comprehensive essay is not a daunting task. It’s the same as giving your all when planning, writing and rewriting your essay. After all, any well-written essay is a thorough essay, which starts with collecting enough data and organising it properly, without leaving any relevant information.

3. The fundamental point is simple to identify and comprehend

One must ensure to keep the essay’s language simple and understandable, along with making it informative. When a reader goes through such an essay, they should be able to grasp the author’s arguments, form an opinion on the issue, and reason with the content.

4. There are balanced paragraphs

A comprehensive essay must include a well-balanced introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs, depending on its length. Moreover, it should not include anything, which is out of context or does not add value to the content. Furthermore, the balance should be perfectly maintained in each of its paragraphs, and sections.

5. Has a well-developed, comprehensive, and plausible thesis

A comprehensive essay’s opening has a powerful thesis statement that informs readers of the essay’s main goal or argument. Keep in mind what is the main idea behind writing an essay, and keep your essay focussed on the main concept till the end.

6. There are no mistakes

A superb essay has immaculate structure, presentation, organisation, and flow. Each paragraph features transitions that connect it to the next and tie the entire essay together. There should not be any chance of making any errors or mistakes in your content. One must take care of every factor to add to this, to be rightly placed.

Now that you know about the important characteristics of a comprehensive essay, let’s have a look at the most important thing, which is the topic. Furthermore, if you face any difficulty while writing your essay, you can seek online essay help.

Things to Ensure Before You Chose Your Topic

If you’re wondering how to pick a decent topic, here are seven crucial things to take:

1. Read the assignment instructions again

Even though you’re undoubtedly acquainted with the instructions, go through them and your notes again. This allows you to imagine the framework of the document and select an engaging topic that is appropriate for the essay you are going to write. You can also return to the clarification your professor or teacher provided, whether you submitted a clarification email or messaged them through Canvas.

2. Topics should be brainstormed

If you want to choose the best topic, brainstorm by coming up with different ideas and researching general information. This is the point at which you may confidently use sources such as Wikipedia, which are not permitted to be mentioned in academic writings. When developing a topic, searching for information might help you broaden your comprehension and envision the thesis or primary points of your essay. When you have all of the material, choose a topic that interests you and fits the essay criteria.

3. Concentrate on a particular topic

Because you only have a restricted number of words to create an essay, you should keep everything focused. Focus on a particular issue, but not one that is too narrow to have an influence on your study. Choose themes that are not too wide, or you will struggle to write without overgeneralizing.

4. List the important keywords

When you’ve decided on a topic or a direction, make a list of the terms that are important when describing, explaining, or analysing a certain issue. You may then utilise them to create a title for your essay.

5. Concentrate on a particular topic

You’ll most likely wind up with several themes and 2-3 favourites. At this stage, you choose one of those and either stick with it until the completion of your essay or modify it if you encounter difficulties along the way.

6. Investigate the subject

Now that you’ve chosen a topic, you should do further research on it before moving on to the next phase.

7. Create a title

After you’ve decided on a topic, use the keywords you discovered while researching to create a strong title for your essay.

8. Guidelines for selecting essay subjects

When picking a topic in academic writing, two things are likely to happen: (i)you will be assigned a particular topic or asked to choose from various options, and (ii) you will be requested to come up with a topic and compose your essay or provide the topic for approval.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, be open-minded about your topic. After selecting a topic, be open to altering it if it does not appear to be working. Instructors appreciate it when you create an excellent comprehensive essay instead of pounding out pages and sweating over something with a terrible topic: a reflection of a bad decision.


So far, we are hoping that you have gained enough knowledge about what are the characteristics of a comprehensive essay. Moreover, how you can use it in your essay that will get you a higher grade? If not, you may enhance your writing process by purchasing essays from any online essay help services providing website.

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