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What Channel is CBS on Spectrum Cable TV?

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What Channel is CBS on Spectrum Cable TV?

In this day and age of OTT services, many people think that cable TV channels do not have quality entertainment. But this is proven wrong when we look at live sports events, talk shows, movie marathons, and exclusive cable-only shows on our TV sets. One such fulfilling channel that provides top top-tier entertainment is CBS.

The eye symbol of the CBS network is very popular and well-known all around the US. The channel has been around providing entertainment, news, and opening channels of communication for more than 90 years. Since For quite a while now, CBS is known for airing programs like the Big Bang Theory, and also for its subsidiary channels like CBS News and CBS Sports. 

From prime-time shows to daytime, kid’s programming to special holidays programming, CBS has done it all. And now it’s your turn to devour the entertainment quality this TV channel has to provide through some of the most affordable yet versatile Spectrum cable TV packages.

Spectrum is one of the biggest cable TV providers in the country. It is available to Americans in more than 40 states, and provides entertainment solutions through its TV, phone, and internet services. Spectrum cable TV is up for the grabs with its three TV tiers including Selectsensational TV plans, Silver, and Gold. Depending on your needs, you must choose the right TV tier. Moreover, However, all of them include CBS, which is great news. Yyou will not have to worry about getting stuck with a flimsy channel lineup that doesn’t even include your favorites. 

If you are planning on subscribing to any of the three Spectrum TV channel lineups, here is what you need to know about CBS on Spectrum.

What Channel Is CBS on Spectrum Cable TV?

The best thing about being a subscriber to Spectrum cable TV is that it has the most versatile channel lineup ever. Spectrum is known for being generous and considerate about what its customers need and how to keep them entertained, all the while maintaining cost efficiency. Having CBS and CBS Sports in your Spectrum cable TV subscription is a prime example of how Spectrum TV can actually be a full-blown entertainment experience. 

Once you subscribe to Spectrum cable TV, make sure you speak to the customer service to find out what channels are on which number. This is because Spectrum changes its channel availability based on varying locations. As a result, channel numbers in one region may be different than in one. This can get a little confusing, but nothing that an expert at Spectrum customer service cannot solve. 

Getting in touch with a reliable sales rep at Spectrum customer service is very easy. You just need to call at 1-844-481-5997 and throw your questions at them. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can call at servicio al cliente de Spectrum at 1-844-487-2710. 

What to Watch on CBS?

1. All Rise

Once you get subscribed to Spectrum bundles, make sure you have shortlisted the best shows and content you want to watch on CBS. There is a large pool of things you can watch and enjoy on the channel. So, it’s essential to have some direction. 

If you are a fan of some legal drama, CBS has done its part for you by airing this show. All Rise is all you need to know about the insights of the lives of prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and all sorts of legal practitioners. It is set in LA and follows the stories of different legal professions and how they deal with different cases. 

The show has 2 seasons and was first aired in 2019. The biggest highlight of the show is the powerful female lead, who was recently appointed as a judge. As a judge, she faces several challenges and is bound by many restrictions, but she takes it as her time to shine and powers through. 

The amusing cast of the show includes Simone Missick, Wilson Bethel, Ryan Mitchelle, and Jessica Camacho amongst others. 

2. The Neighborhood

We have all loved FRIENDS and still do. Thanks to Spectrum bundles and high-speed internet, we get the chance to revisit some old classics like FRIENDS on OTT platforms like Netflix. But, even if you opt for just Spectrum cable TV plans, you can still get the best comedy content in your homes with CBS. 

The Neighborhood is a popular sitcom airing on CBS. The show revolves around a family from the Midwest who has recently moved to LA. The family struggles through a serious cultural shock after the big movie. How their neighbor, Calvin, feels threatened by them and their effect on the community is definitely very engaging. This is a story about a newly moved family in a completely opposite community than where it first used to live. You will easily find yourselves yourself falling in love with the family’s comic moments and their tussle with the neighbor.  

3. CBS News

From prime-time shows to evening shows, to shows dedicated to weather news – CBS has got it all. It is one of the best channels for people who want to get their morning news from a TV channel. Perhaps live news broadcasting is something that you will not find streaming services – yet! So, let’s just stick to the wide variety of news shows that CBS has lined up for you. 

It has a bunch of amazing news shows that include:

  • CBS Evening News
  • 60 Minutes
  • 48 Hours
  • CBS Saturday
  • CBS Sunday Morning
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • Eye On America
  • Person to Person

4. CBS Sports

Just like the news division, CBS has a little something for its sports fanatics as well. CBS News is home to some of the best sports programs, such as Inside College Basketball, NCAA on CBS, and Auto Racing. It broadcasts more than 30 college sports for both men and women. Some of the famous sports that you will find being programmed on the channel include football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, and baseball. Bellator MMA and Mountain West Conferences also have their contracts to program their events on CBS! 

While you are looking at sports content to watch on CBS, let’s not forget about the sports channels you get with your spectrum cable TV subscription. There is the choice of an additional sports pack, which will grant you access to premium sports programs such as NFL, . ESPN, FS1, MLB Network, and beIN Sports are some household names of channels that you can enjoy with the right Spectrum cable TV package. This variety, combined with CBS sports programming, should be more than enough to provide you with 24/7 sports entertainment. 

5. The Equalizer

Crime thrillers are a fun watch for almost everyone. The Equalizer is also going to keep you hooked with its mysterious yet powerful female lead. The woman of color playing the lead role in this show is Queen Latifah, starring as Robin McCall. She is known as ”the equalizer” amongst a trusted few due to her special drive to help those in need. This crime show has 2 seasons with exemplary storytelling and filmmaking to keep you entertained. The rest of the cast of the show includes Chris Noth, Liza Lapira, and Adam Goldberg. 

6. Young Sheldon 

The biggest highlight of any episode from the Big Bang Theory was always Sheldon. He was the most unusual character, with some of the best jokes and sarcasm in the show. It was about time that his character had a show of its own, so we could really delve into the development of the science geek, amazing friend, and the most annoying roommate ever. Young Sheldon is a sitcom from 2017 with 5 seasons that follow the story of Sheldon’s childhood. Instead of roommates, this time Sheldon’s genius self struggles to fit with his family in Texas, who is not all that intellectual. It is a fun watch that you can enjoy with your friends or family. 

While you are searching through the internet about what shows to watch on CBS, don’t forget that with Spectrum cable TV, your choices will be endless. Not only on cable TV, but you will also be getting remarkable on-demand content with the Spectrum TV app. With your DVR privileges, you can record any show on CBS and watch it on your own time. So, who says that cable TV is obsolete? With all these features being provided by the best cable TV providers, no one has to get bored at home if they don’t have a subscription to Netflix! 


With CBS in your channel lineup, you really have nothing to worry about when it comes to finding the right entertainment content. Spectrum TV bundles and packages include CBS, regardless of which one you choose. It is one of the most reliable cable TV providers in the USA, excels in providing all the accommodation its customers need. From on-demand content to high-speed internet to amazing privileges, you will get full value for your money. CBS Sports, News, Comedy – there is something for every family member. Just remember to check out the Spectrum channel lineup and speak to a customer service representative to find the channel number CBS is on in your area.