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What Features of Rigid Boxes Make Them Popular Among Brands?

Rigid Boxes
Rigid Boxes

Many brands prefer sturdy packaging boxes for their products that can help to elevate the value of their products with unique designs. That’s why luxury brands use rigid packaging which is thicker than regular packaging making it more durable and reliable. Packaging is the first thing to be noticed by the buyers and buying decision is a later process. With little effort, one can customize packaging that can impress the viewers and increase sales. The solid boxes are flexible enough to fit delicate or heavy items. Thus, rigid packaging boxes allow brands to get the most professional packaging and give it a luxury look.

Increase Brand Worth

The most important concern of every business is improving its image among people. Custom boxes designed by experts can help in this regard. These boxes not only look great but also elevate brand image by incentivizing customers to make a purchase. Wise brands design Rigid Boxes that will align with the marketing of your brand in the most effective manner. For example, add a brand name, slogan, logo, tagline, address, or contact info on the packaging to get a professional packaging experience. This kind of packaging is acceptable among buyers when compared with ordinary plain packaging boxes. Customers like to know about the brand they are using through its packaging.

Positive First Impression

Customers have multiple products to choose from when they visit a market. They cannot open each packaging box to select their desired products. They like shortcuts and select products by looking at the style, quality, and colors of the packaging. Well-executed rigid boxes look royal in appearance and make your products shine among numerous other products of different brands. Consumers draw towards luxury packaging that’s why brands showcase their products in the most attractive packaging possible to impress buyers at first sight.

Rigid Boxes

Seamless Customization Options

The brands get their dream packaging with help of customization facilities provided by expert packaging companies. The most significant one is color customization. Colors play a major role in attracting buyers because they have the power to earn a spot in customers’ hearts. It does not matter what color you choose, CMYK and PMS color models print colors deeply and leave no spot uncolored.

Besides coloring, other techniques to embellish the outlook of custom rigid boxes are gold or silver foiling, embossing, debossing, window cutting, PVC sheet, and coatings (UV spot, matte, gloss). Moreover, one can get a flat or 3d finish on the packaging boxes using the latest mockup techniques. All these techniques help you get dream packaging in the most attractive form you can expect packaging even better than your imagination. However, it all depends on the experience or reputation of the packaging company you are choosing because you have many options.

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Uses of Rigid Packaging Boxes

Rigid packaging is a perfect match for products of every sort due to its versatile nature. For example, expensive perfumes are often sold in rigid packaging boxes to increase their value. Presenting expensive products in luxury packaging creates a sense of elegance in customers’ minds. This makes the overall shopping experience more memorable for the customers. High-quality and professional boxes help to solidify brand image and increase product value.

Things to Keep in Mind While Designing Rigid Packaging

You need to remain alert when designing packaging boxes for your expensive products. A little mistake can leave you at loss and also waste your time. When choosing packaging boxes, you need to make wise decisions.

  • Rigid packaging is ideal for royal and expensive products. It is important to consider whether this kind of packaging is right for your products or not.
  • You can design packaging boxes on the outside or inside to enhance product appearance.
  • The rigid walls not only improve customers’ behavior but also provide maximum protection for the products.
Rigid Boxes

Choose The Right Materials and Designs

The rigid packaging boxes are available in many different variations depending on product needs. Select the shape, size, and style of rigid boxes that are compatible with product dimensions. You should design these boxes using attractive colors, images, graphics, and patterns that mirror the inside products. For example, you can get rigid two-piece boxes of black or white colors for ties. Additionally, a window cut on the packaging increase customers’ appeal for your products immediately. However, generally, there are two types:

Telescoping Boxes

In telescoping boxes, the base and lid are two separate components that interact with each other. For instance, packaging containing a lid covers the whole box which is known as full telescoping. On the other hand, partial telescoping involves half part of the lid covering the box. This kind of packaging is ideal for expensive mobile phones. Furthermore, rigid sleeve and tray boxes are also available to slide off the cover with ease, convenient unboxing experience.

Hinged Lid Boxes

This is the class form of product packaging due to its simple style. One can style rigid hinged lid boxes to suit products. You have seen custom boxes for cigars in retail stores or marts. This is similar to cigar packaging and you can choose the size and shape that will look amazing on the shelf. Like, you can add inserts to hold the items upright.