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What Is Rudrabhishek For Marriage Cost, Benefits & Vidhi?

Rudrabhishek for marriage

What do Rudrabhishek’s benefits, costs, and vidhi for marriage entail? Do you and your spouse face challenges? Looking for homam and puja remedies to mend your marriage?

What are Rudrabhishek’s fees for marriage? Rudrabhishek for marriage has an impact on individuals whose marriages are having problems. The Rudrabhishek for marriage is a practical solution because of its benefits.

Everyone wants to know more about the benefits, vidhi, and cost of the Rudrabhishek for marriage. 

Worshiping a deity of gods, Lord Shiva, also known as Lord Bholenath, is known as rudrabhishek. One of the most common Vedic Hindu rituals to please Lord Shiva is rudrabhishek for marriage. If the devotee conducts the puja with total focus and dedication, they receive the outcome right away.

Read about Rudrabhishek Puja and its purpose before attempting to comprehend it for marriage. The name of Lord Shiva is recited 108 times during the Rudrabhishek Puja. Rudrabhishek for the wedding pooja The pandits worship Lord Shiva in his Rudra avatars through puja vidhi. Another name for Lord Shiva is Rudra.

What Is Rudrabhishek For Marriage

Hinduism practices rudrabhishek for marriage to please Lord Shiva and receive good fortune in life. One of the most common rituals in all Shiva temples is the puja for Lord Shiva. The most revered Shiva shrines in India are located mostly at Ujjain, Nashik, Omkareshwar, Somnath, and Rameshwaram.

Lord Shiva is known as Tri-Netra because he protects his devotees from the evil gaze. As instructed by the Vedic scriptures, rudrabhishek is performed for the marriage puja. If someone has goals and aspirations, they can achieve complete prosperity by performing rudrabhishek.

With the assistance of a pandit, devotees can do the puja in front of the shiv linga both at temples and at their homes.

Significance Of Rudrabhishek For Marriage

For those who need it, rudrabhishek for marriage and puja is important. When getting married, some individuals do the rudrabhishek to shield their home from bad spirits. Some people act in order to banish bad vibes or get rid of some cash. However, rudrabhishek for marriage has the best impact on marital issues.

However, Rudrabhishek for marriage is the best option since it provides immediate relief from impending marital problems. Rudrabhishek is helpful for people whose marriages are troubled or have some dosh.

The Procedure Of Rudrabhishek For Marriage

You must follow the procedures using the five ingredients to worship the deity if you wish to do the Rudrabhishek for marriage at your home.

Cuisine for the Rudrabhishek Puja

Puja followers needed offerings to worship the deity in order to perform the rudrabhishek for marriage. Samagri puja cannot be performed if the puja is not complete. We will go over the components of the Rudrabhishek for marriage with you.

  • Water combined with Ganga Jal, honey, curd, cow’s milk, sugarcane juice, fruit juice, and rose water is among the liquids needed to perform the holy bath or abhishekam.
  • The panchamrit (ghee, raw cow’s milk, curd, honey, and sugar) will now be needed.
  • A spoon is needed when Ganga Jal is combined with water and sprinkled with kusha grass in an achamani pot.
  • Ghee, dhoop, batti, incense sticks, and camphor are used in the aarti.
  • For presenting perfume, fragrant oil, and sandal paste.
  • Additionally, Akshat must wear a shiv linga (unbroken rice grains).
  • You needed sweets, clothing, flowers, fruits, paan, datura, bel Patra, supari, coconut, and bel fruit in addition to akshat for the offering.

Rudrabhishek For Marriage Puja Cost

If all rites are followed properly, the Rudrabhishek for marriage puja normally lasts between an hour and two hours. The rudrabhishek for marriage can be done at home or in the temple, as it suits the devotees. The rudrabhishek for marriage follows the same process as previous rudrabhishek pujas.

99Pandit provides a low-cost option for consumers who require Hinduism and Vedic practices. The customer may simply get in touch with 99Pandit if they need a pandit to perform the rudrabhishek for marriage. For the Vedic puja, 99Pandit includes a skilled pandit in their budget estimate.

The number of pandits participating in the puja determines the price of the Rudrabhishek for marriage. The price for rudrabhishek must be at least INR 2000.

The basic puja samagri are brought by 99Pandit pandits; however, some devotees may require additional puja supplies in order to prepare for the Rudrabhishek ceremony. You will be required to pay pandit Dakshina’s fee and the participation fee at the temple if you do the puja there.

But if rudrabhishek for a marriage puja is conducted at home, the pandit Ji is barely paid more than INR 2000–5000, including the items for the puja and Dakshina. Otherwise, the price of rudrabhishek for marriage might change depending on the kind and location.

Benefit Of Rudrabhishek For Marriage 

The followers worship Lord Shiva, who is revered for both his compassion and his wrath. He bestows benefits on his followers and is the giver of gifts. People can get several benefits if they conduct the rudrabhishek for marriage puja at auspicious festivals and muhurat.

Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Rudrabhishek for marriage puja can change the harmful effects of the resentful moon.
  • One can reduce and strengthen the negative impacts of the dosh in one’s kundali and nakshatra.
  • Rudrabhishek for marriage brings prosperity and wonderful relationships.
  • By expelling bad energy, you protect prosperity and life.
  • Protects the followers from negative energy and malevolent sights.

Last Word

I’m hoping this post will assist you in comprehending the benefits, costs, and right vidhi of a rudrabhishek for marriage. 99Pandit helps you to book a pandit online regarding various poojas like Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja. Performing Rudrabhishek at a wedding has benefits for everyone. This puja guards you against danger and has beneficial consequences on your life, including wealth. One of the simplest and most advantageous techniques is to perform the Rudrabhishek for marriage puja, which makes your life simpler and has a spiritual experience.