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Why Dynamics 365 Business Central is Essential for Your Business


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP system. Although it is an ERP solution, it has remarkable customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities.

So, you can run your business efficiently and productively. The software enables you to increase sales, optimize your supply chain, manage financials, and more.

Considering the software as a one-stop solution to manage your entire business will not be wrong.

Interestingly, the Dynamics 365 solutions can work as a stand-alone application. And it can also integrate with Microsoft products to help you to scale your business further.

Initially, the software was called Microsoft NAV. But the company renamed it Business Central, which can be hosted in the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid.

Given the benefits, the cloud version is more popular as it is easy to use. Its popularity is especially among small businesses.

Its notable benefits are:

Low Cost of Ownership

All small businesses try to save money. And the low cost of ownership of Microsoft Business Central is a boon for such companies.

With the software, businesses can reap all the benefits of cloud ERP. And Microsoft Business Central entails low infrastructure investment and no upgrade or maintenance costs.

As such, there is no high cost of ownership for using the software.

Businesses need to save money on IT infrastructure. And the subscription-based fee model eliminates the need for paying a higher upfront payment. As such, the IT spendings remain predictable.

With the software, there is no need for investing in servers, management, dedicated IT resources, and other costs, as required for other on-premises options.

Also, you can use Business Central in no time.  

Creates Central Data Repository

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central creates a central data repository for your entire organization.

It refers to the storage of data in a secure, central location. And the data will undergo constant upgrades in real-time with the latest information.

As such, each employee in the company can use the same data to make decisions or generate financial reports.

The software allows businesses to view data reports and analyses through built-in dashboards. 

With the software, you can make prudent decisions by accessing data across finance, accounting, sales, purchasing, and inventory.

When you make good decisions, you will see business growth.

ERP and CRM Capabilities

Despite Business Central is an ERP solution, it also has CRM capabilities. As such, the software allows businesses to improve customer experiences, strengthening customer relationships.

With the CRM feature, businesses can track customer interactions. In addition, companies can get insights on upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities across every sales cycle.

As a result, you can develop flexible pricing and discount policies for individual customers.

Again, businesses can address customer returns or after-sales services, manage service requests, monitor repair details, respond to inquiries, etc.

Supply Chain Management

 With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, supply chain management becomes easier for businesses.

The software comes with cutting-edge warehouse and supply chain management features. As such, businesses can optimize their supply chains.

Moreover, the software allows the prediction of stock replenishment. And it can create purchase orders based on sales forecasts and expected stock-outs.

Microsoft Business Central also allows businesses to optimize their warehouse storage facilities. So, they can streamline their storage by using templates. As such, businesses can determine the best placement of items.

In addition, the software generates real-time information to allow businesses to fulfil their orders better. Moreover, d365 business central also generates intelligent recommendations on how to speed up shipments.  


The software, part of Microsoft managed services, smoothens business workflows, and improves the efficiency and productivity of businesses. In addition, Microsoft Business Central saves money for businesses, increasing profitability. Besides, the web application helps businesses to maintain good customer relationships while automating many tasks.