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Why I Prefer My Alienware Over My Macbook


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I have always been an Apple guy, until this year when I upgraded my Alienware laptop to their newest model, the Area-51m (which I’m using to write this blog post, in fact). I used to think that my Macbook was superior to all other computers on the market, and now I’m not so sure anymore. So why did I switch? The short answer is that while they are both great pieces of equipment, the Alienware offers more bang for your buck than any other computer on the market right now. Let me explain.

why you should choose alienware over a mac

I have owned both a MacBook and an Alienware laptop. There are a few features that made me choose the former, but after having some time to reflect, it’s clear that they are vastly different. For starters, one of the most important things in a computer is the quality of its screen Alienware aurora 2019. A great screen on any type of laptop is essential because you are looking at it so closely all day long. The MacBook has a Retina display which means the image on your screen is beautifully crisp, with deep colors.

why you should use an alienware laptop

I have been through my share of laptops. As a college student, a lot of people told me to get a MacBook. For the price, it seemed like a logical option: one laptop for all purposes. But there were some drawbacks as well. Inevitably after about three months, it would start to freeze and become really slow. Plus, if you want any type of customization on the Apple computer, you have to pay even more money just for the customizations.

why you should choose alienware laptops

If you are looking for an expensive laptop, then the answer to that question is really up to what you want. If you want the best design and quality, then the answer would be a MacBook Pro MacBook 12in m7. If you want the best in terms of how it performs, has a high price tag, and large amounts of battery life then Alienware is right for you! The decision should ultimately come down to what it is that you are looking for in your laptop purchase.

what can you do with an alien ware laptop?

Alienware has everything that you need to get going with your laptop, such as a high-end processor, large memory, and of course a graphics card. A few small things will help differentiate it from the generic laptop such as touchscreen options, third party keyboards and keypads, and an improved sound system. Overall they are just better built. They last longer and have more space for upgrades. It’s worth the investment in my opinion. 

Alienware is also cheaper than most computers! The average cost for one is around $1500-$2500 depending on what kind of hardware you want installed, which is about $600-$900 less than other top end brands like Apple or Dell.

why i prefer my gaming pc over my new laptop

I didn’t want to purchase a new MacBook because I’ve always been a PC gamer and found it hard to believe that you could create the same type of experience with a Mac. Recently, though, I got one for a job as my main laptop and here’s why: 

1) It’s not too heavy, but big enough that I don’t feel like my hands are going to cramp after an hour of use. 2) I love the touch bar – which is way better than having any other buttons on the side of your screen 3) The speakers are so much better than anything I had before. 4) The battery life is incredible!

how to make your alienware better than any other computer

Here are some steps that can help you improve your experience with your Alienware laptop: 

– Free up space by deleting unneeded programs and files. 

– Defragment hard drive to maximize speed. 

– Delete temp files. 

– Adjust power settings in the BIOS.

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