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Why is PASGT Helmet the First Choice of the Military?

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Many people choose to get PASGT helmets when it comes to safety and comfort for everyday use. Several types of helmets are available on the market that offer varied protection to their wearer. 

There are several reasons people prefer to get PASGT helmets over other types of helmets. To understand why they are so popular, let’s understand more about them.

What is a PASGT helmet?

PASGT is an acronym for Personal Armor System for Ground Troops. These helmets are made with multiple levels of Kevlar fiber, making them bulletproof against various ballistic and shrapnel damages. The U.S. Army, USMC, and DARPA rate PASGT helmets with level IIIA protection. 

Anatomy of PASGT helmet

Outer shell

The outer shell of a PASGT helmet is made from 19 layers of kevlar fiber, giving it unmatched durability and strength to repel most ballistic projectiles and sharpness. The helmet covers most of the head area, including the ear area. 


The inner padding is an important aspect of a helmet that absorbs the sheer force of the bullet. A study showed EVA padding reduced bullet impact on the skull by 36%. Moreover, the padding also ensures that the wearers are comfortable wearing the helmet for a longer duration. 


A PASGT helmet has 4 straps properly positioning the helmet on the head. These 4 straps are tied at four corners of the helmet and are individually adjustable. These features allow a standard PASGT helmet to fit various people.

Who uses PASGT helmets?

PASGT helmets are the first choice for military and law enforcement. Unless they are going into a highly dangerous zone, these helmets are sufficient to repel various levels of ballistic projectiles. 

Police personnel

A PASGT helmet is perfect for everyday use, and many police personnel use it to protect their heads from various threats during their daily duty.

Military personnel

For military people, PASGT helmets are standard. As a result, military people in their daily operations widely use them.


These Bulletproof helmets provide level IIIA protection to the wearer. It is perfect in regards to safety and agility.

Many people choose PASGT level IIIA helmets to protect themselves on a daily basis. However, these helmets are not limited to military officials. Even a civilian can buy it from a defense store.

What is a bulletproof helmet made from?

Before you go out and buy a new bulletproof helmet, keep in mind that none of the bulletproof gear is “100% impenetrable.” So don’t go out looking for bulletproof helmets in hopes of being protected from all types of ammunition.

The days of bulletproof helmets with half-retention systems and nylon webbing are over. Most companies combine their patented padding and suspension technologies to make the most effective ballistic helmets.

The following are some of the latest items present in ballistic helmets:

· Velcro attachments enable end-user adaptability and proper padding to fit the human skull precisely.

· A moisture-absorbing substance that inhibits bacterial growth.

· Comfort and safety have been improved.

· There are two retention devices on the back of the helmet: a 4-point chin strap and a dial adjustment.

Levels of Ballistic protection

· Different levels of protection are available in modern ballistic helmets. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) lays the standard to categorize these helmets based on how they perform. 

· The National Institute of Justice assigns a rating to ballistic protection depending on how many shots the item could stop during rigorous testing. 

· The Level III and Level IV bulletproof helmets can hold up to common rifle shots. Whereas Levels I through IIIA can stop a variety of handgun bullets, Level IIIA can potentially stop .44 magnum rounds. 

· While other rounds aren’t always tested, it’s safe to assume that a ballistic helmet that can stop a.44 magnum cartridge will also stop a.25 auto or other lower-powered ammo.