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Why on-site airport parking is an extravagant affair?

on-site airport parking

Anyone doesn’t give a second thought before shelling out a decent chunk of hard-earned cash on flights to reach the dream destination, nobody likes spending a fortune on on-site airport parking. 

After the lockdown, air tickets are already soaring higher than ever and to ruin things further is the costly airport parking that has built an aversion among the masses. You might consider airport parking as a small part of the gigantic operation of any airport but you will be surprised to know that airport parking acts as one of the biggest sources of making money for any size and kind of airport. 

But why is airport parking so expensive and why do people prefer private airport parking reservations being offered nearby the airports? Let’s find out through this blog post. 

Real estate price

Unless you have buried your hand under sand for many years, you are probably aware that real estate price across the country is skyrocketing and is expected to pace up in the near future as well. What’s more, properties near airports are usually more desirable and they have a high demand in the market since it is considered the most convenient location. 

The entire airport including the terminals, runways, and parking facility occupies a lot of space and that soars up the overall price of the property. To balance the high price of real property, airports usually charge more for everyone parking inside the premise and that’s why the business is maintained in a profitable state. 


When it comes to on-site parking, airports have complete monopoly. Words like competition don’t mean anything in the world of on-site airport parking. It’s true that there are many private parking facilities available nearby the airport but none of them are as convenient as the one offered by the airport itself. 

Without any competition and with parking facilities being available within walking distance, airports get the right to charge as much as they want or they at least think that people are willing to pay for airport parking reservations, regardless of the price tag. But all the off-site airport parking facilities are considered much more cost-effective options. 

Distance from terminal 

The bitter truth about airport facilities is if you wish to park your car within walking distance from the terminal, it is going to cost you much more than the parking facilities located at a distance of 3-4 Kms from the airport. The closer you park, the more are the charges. 

This is the main reason why people are now flocking towards off-site airport parking as it might be located at 5-10 minutes of walking distance from the airport but they don’t burn a hole in your pocket. In the case of airport parking, the distance from the airport has got nothing to do with the prices as they have their own standard pricing system and they even offer discounts for war veterans and differently-abled people. 


If you prefer convenience then you will have to compromise on your budget-friendly approach as it doesn’t matter in which corner of the world you go to or which type of airport facilities you are using, airport parking charges are always going to be high. But all those customers who wish to strike a perfect balance between convenience and price, choose off-site parking facilities. 

But you should not choose any off-site airport parking facility randomly as extra facilities like shuttle services are going to decide your level of convenience. When you choose an off-site parking facility that offers a shuttle service then you just have to step out of your car and you will be at the terminal in just a few minutes. So, always check the extra facilities being offered by off-site airport parking facilities before making a final decision. 

The price tag hanging outside the airport parking premise might seem unfair but that’s the way the world works, especially when there is no competition, convenience matters the most, and real estate pricing is crossing every limit of expectation. If you wish to keep things under budget and still don’t want to compromise on your convenience, you should go for off-site airport parking facilities.