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Why You Need Your Website Redesign:

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However, there are several good reasons Why You Need Your Website Redesign. Here are the first three:

Your website is not worth the visitors;

Your site is not mobile friendly or responsive; not really

Your website looks old and outdated.

Another good reason is a new strategy or new business ventures with clearly defined goals for your website. So if your business is going in the opposite direction or launching new products, you should think about who your business is targeting and how your website can serve those goals.

If you need more inspiration, here are eight of our favourites and clear reasons why you should need website redesign.

But before you move on, there are three other important things to consider:

The number of leads you are currently receiving;

The user’s perception of the current usefulness of the site; and

Security risks associated with your current technology.

“I don’t like our site anymore…”

One of the biggest “problems” people say about your website is simply “I don’t want it anymore”.

Designers, developers and agencies solve visual problems, so unfortunately this kind of claim of “pure control” does little for them.

This is just a personal and subjective opinion of you as someone who probably visits the site every day. But what do your customers think?

“What if my website redesign project runs into problems?”

If your project requires content creation (whether it’s written text for your website pages, a new explainer video for your home page, or visual aids that explain what you do) and an agency responsible for creating the new content, team members must agree to do two things:

Act as an expert; and

Be part of your audit team.

Participants must be available and willing to work with the agency’s editorial or content production team, possibly through multiple interviews. They may vary depending on the service provider. Remember to choose people who can easily connect with different parts of your company.

Know the internal technical resource

Finally, you need to select a point of contact within your company that the agency can consult about the technology needs of the project.

The right person for the job depends on the strength of your company’s IT infrastructure.

Are you a small start-up with five employees and an outsourced IT solution, or do you have a more complex IT environment with thousands of employees scattered across the country?

Whatever your organization is, you need to have your own technical contacts to answer the agency’s technical questions. This person must prepare for all IT emergencies that arise during the project and be on standby when the site is in operation.

At the end of the day, your website is not about you.

Your website should be about your users first. It should be phrased in terms that your users know best: how they consume media and how they buy your products and services. It’s all about the user, and when you start thinking like that, it makes a lot of redesign decisions easier.

Your website doesn’t have to be a brochure either. You don’t need to tell users what you can do. Instead, he should focus on solving their problems and understanding their background and what they need.

Once you’ve decided to update your website the right way, it’s time to call the office of your dreams and start working on new designs and fonts, right?

Wait a moment. There are many things you need to do to prepare for your next website redesign. In fact, before you start looking for agencies, you need to go through four stages of internal preparation, including:

Review your goals against timeline and budget;

Assess your technology and accessibility needs;

Gather stakeholders and define your team; and

Collect and analyse your site’s SEO data.