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4 Apps That Are Making You Rethink


When you think about it, apps seem incredible, don’t they? You can do so much through them if you download the right ones. Whether it be staying hydrated, keeping track of your appointments, or hailing a ride, there are apps out there for it all.

According to App Annie, this might explain why there were over 230 billion app downloads over the world in 2021 alone! The average person spent over four hours on different apps and 27.7 percent more time on mobile than watching TV!

We are sure various online solutions are a staple in your life. But, there are multiple hidden gems that few know about. These apps will make you rethink how and when you use apps. Here are the top four such apps. 

  1. AirG Meet New Friends

What comes to your mind when you think of friendship and dating apps? Probably Tinder and Bumble. While both mainstream apps have various great features, they are not the only good platforms for finding friends.

AirG Meet New Friends is comparatively new but has transformed how friendship apps work. You can peruse any AirG app review, and users will tell you the same thing – AirG makes it easy to form online friendships.

This is mainly because of the various discussion groups it hosts. 

Rather than merely swiping right (or left) on someone’s picture and bio, in AirG, you join different chatrooms about topics that best interest you. You can then choose people to talk to privately based on their intellect and alignment of values with yours. 

For a more conventional meeting, you can search for users based on various filters, including interest, age, and location. Since the platform has over 100 million users worldwide, the chances you will find at least a handful of people to talk to. 

The smooth interface, the unconventional approach of chatrooms, and the breadth of user base make AirG Meet New Friends a social app that you might want to download. 

  • Healthy Living 

According to Medicine Net, only 3 percent of Americans live a healthy life. And as per WHO, 34 percent of adults over 20 are overweight, and 33 percent are classified as obese! 

Considering that healthy living is the foundation of a long and fruitful life, eating healthily and staying fit is imperative. But, at times, you don’t even realize that what you are eating is not suitable for you. 

For those trying to eat organic food, to adopt the lifestyle indeed, you will also need to understand what goes in your food. This isn’t easy as, at times, technical names are used in labels. This is where Healthy Living comes in.

This app helps translate nutrition labels and product ingredients into layman’s terms. The app has data for over 120,000 products. 

Additionally, it is not just limited to food and contains information about everyday products. This ensures that you are well-informed about the chemicals you introduce in your life. You can either search the product by its name or scan its barcode to use the app. 

This app will help you rethink your purchasing and consumption decisions. You can then alter them to live a healthy life.

  • Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your overall health. According to Sleep Foundation, between 10 and 30 percent of grown adults suffer from chronic insomnia. Knowing how well you sleep at night can help you assess whether you need to get checked or not.

Sleep Better is an app that accurately measures the sleep patterns of an individual. You can use it to identify patterns and get the best sleep possible. 

To use the app, you need to keep your phone under the pillow at night. The app will then record your movements. It will tell you how much REM sleep you had, how much time you spent tossing and turning, and what average duration of sleep you could get. 

Since the app is free to download, there are no downsides to giving it a try. Information about your sleep can be used to either create the most favorable environment for sleeping or to get yourself checked for chronic conditions like insomnia and apnea. 

  • Parking Panda

One app that is likely to make you rethink how you have been living your life is Parking Panda. 

Nissan reports that 39 percent of drivers feel scared and anxious behind the wheel. Many experience parking anxieties too. 

If you are one of those people who get anxious every time they go for a night out because of what the parking situation would be like and whether or not you will find a suitable parking spot, this might be the app for you. 

This app helps eliminate the worries of finding a parking spot. Before you leave the house, use this app to find available parking spots near where you are headed.

Currently, Parking Panda is available in over 40 US cities and shows various garages and parking spots in different vicinities of the cities. 

The app guarantees that your parking spot is waiting for your car when you arrive at the location. Therefore, it allows you to keep your anxiety in check. You can use it to secure a spot by paying in advance. 

Ending Remarks

There is more to apps than games and social media. There are a plethora of productivity, fitness, and friendship apps that are waiting to transform your life.

The four apps we mentioned are merely the tip of the iceberg. Once you enter this side of the app world, you are bound to find other hidden treasures.

For now, begin by downloading and using these four apps. Then, identify other apps that you think might make your life better and try them out. 

It’s time to rethink how you have been using apps! Let us know what other solutions make you feel like this.