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How To Choose Best Wall Hung Toilets In UK?


Last Updated on March 15, 2024 by Jawad Ali

Long gone are the days when you only have one type of toilets available to install in the bathroom. Like everything else, there is so much innovation in the bathroom fittings and fixtures including toilets. So, today you have mainly three types of toilets available that comes in abundance of style and sizes. The toilets that are available to choose from are back to wall toilets, close coupled toilets and a wall hung toilets. All of these are great for different reasons, but wall hung toilet is a recent hit. It has become a popular choice that were mostly seen in the luxury hotels have now made its way to homes in the UK. Since it is a type of toilet that is still not very common, it is important to know everything about it before deciding to install it.

If you are planning for wall hung toilets in the UK, then our blog will be helpful for you.

What is a Wall Hung Toilet?

Many of you may have already seen or used one of it. It is a contemporary type of toilet that has a floating style. It means such toilets fit on the wall rather then on the floor. That makes it distinctive from others. Another important feature of this toilet is hidden cistern. You will only see a toilet bowl hanging on the wall. The flush tank is fitted inside the wall that remains completely visible. You have a button on the wall to activate the flushing when you are done.

Tips on Choosing a Wall Hung Toilet.

Here are few important tips for choosing a wall hung toilet.

Know your Purpose.

The first thing that you should think is your purpose of installing this type of toilet. Every type including the floating style has its own pros and cons. And you should know what can be good or bad about it. Are you going to install it for space saving purposes or for just uplifting the looks of the bathroom? If it’s for space saving, then you will be happy to choose short projection bowl for it. While for a large size there are choice available for relatively bigger bowl. So, depending on where and why you want to fit can influence your choice of toilet greatly.

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages

Knowing the pros and cons can play big role in deciding whether you want to install a wall hung toilet.

  • The biggest reason why people want to install this type of toilet is its compact and luxurious look. No other toilet option uplifts the space like a wall hung toilet.
  • Anyone looking for a contemporary bathroom will make this type of toilet their top choice. It is because such compact minimalist toilets are considering a most modern option among all other types.
  • The wall hung toilets are compact and considered as a most space saving option among all. So, it is ideal if you are out of space.
  • Another advantage is that these toilets are available in various shapes and sizes. So, you will have abundance of options available to choose from.

Few Important Things to Consider for a Wall Hung Toilet?

You are now aware of wall hung toilet advantages. But there are few things you will need to consider before moving ahead.

  • The first important thing to consider is that you need to check your wall before you plan for the floating style toilet. It is because the cistern of such toilet fits inside the wall. So, they break the wall to fix the inside. In addition to that the wall has to bear all the weight of the toilet and the person using it. Therefore, unless it is not sturdy enough breaking and fixing, you should not think about fitting this type of toilet.
  • You should keep in mind that the wall hung toilets comes with a higher price tag. These may cost you as much as twice as a standard back to wall toilet. Moreover, since it is complicated and difficult to install, the plumber will charge higher amount for its installation. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, then you should not consider installing this type of toilet.
  • Other than higher installation costs, the maintenance of such toilets is difficult and expensive too. It is because whenever you get any problem, the cistern will need to be accessed.

Choosing The Wall Hung Toilets.

Once you have decided that you really want to go for a wall mounted toilets, you should follow a process. The first step will be to decide about the place where you want to fit this toilet. After that you should decided about the size. You must choose it in accordance the size of your bathroom. Make sure you keep the distance of at least 800mm between toilet and other fixtures. It is also important that you choose a toilet bowl design and loaded with modern features.