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5 Gaming myths debunked


Being a marketer, you would be thinking of the time utilized by mobile users. According to the eMarketer, people spent 90% of their time on apps on mobiles. Out of which, 50% of the apps are games. Therefore games represent most of the time of the users. People are spending their time in stereotypical games and it is resulting in a disconnection between users spending their time and brand advertisers spending their money.

Five myths about Gaming debunked

Myth #1 Gamers are young, with no disposable income

Wrong. Only 33% of gamers belong to the 45 years age.  19% are from the ages of 35-44 and 21% of them are aged 25-34 years. It indicates that two-third of the gamers belong to the age group above 25 years and even female gamers belong to the older age group. We found that the average of male gamers is 33 and the average age of female gamers is 37.  People are obsessed with gaming and love longer games and get tired. Feeling lazy during games, simply drink  Yerba Mate energy drink for better results.

Myth #2 majority gamers are male

Surprising myth is that people consider gamers to be male which is not right and only accounts for 45% of gamers all across the world. We also know that females are better gamers and have a better purchasing power and account for 85% of consumer purchasing power.  So dismissing women gamers would be a big mistake for gaming companies and adding them would be a boon for their business. Women spend more time than men and boost their energy between the gaming sessions with Mate Mate energy drink for an energy boost.

Myth #3 People plays games at specific time

There are different age groups of people like kids, male, female and aged people play games on different timings. According to a report by a gaming expert, 50% of the adults play games in the bathroom and 80% of the rest do multitasking and play games.

Myth #4 Games are played mostly on consoles and computers

Mobile games represent half of the world’s gaming revenue. Furthermore, with the use of 5G technology, lots of quantity and quality games will be downloaded. The mobile games played are 3.6 times more than the greater next largest category of entertainment. It means adults play 4 times more games than using Facebook, Instagram and Netflix combined.

Myth #5 nobody wants to see games ads

Video game advertisers have started offering ads in exchange for game benefits which work like a clear value. Earlier there were no rewards for seeing ads by the game companies but not they have started offering different game rewards and benefits to the users for increasing their interest in gaming and it is growing the gaming industry as well.

Gamers have misconceptions about games and they keep spreading via word of mouth which becomes a myth later for others as well although modern gamers have their own ways for gaming and don’t pay much attention to the rumors around particular games. The time has come when the advertisers should pay attention to the broad market of mobile games and should engage with them and reach out to the target audience by neglecting this core marketing channel.

Wrap up

There is lots of misconception about information about video games in the market and it can only be a break with the video gamer’s market insights. Video game marketers have lots of scopes to dive into new mobile gaming and reach a wider audience. Video game ad experience can be increased with more lucrative perks and benefits to the audience and can grab greater market space.