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5 Ways to Fix Victony Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue

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In the long term, a device’s performance suffers by being often restarted. If you’re having technical while you set up Victony WiFi extender there are other solutions you may consider. Read on to learn more.

You should expect to run into some kind of technical problem with your WiFi range extender from time to time, no matter how sophisticated it is. When using WiFi, it may be frustrating when the connection is poor, and users can accidentally alter crucial settings.

How to Fix Victony Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue?

Rebooting your device may be recommended by certain technical support staff in order to resolve these kinds of problems. Because restarting is so regular, it might be tempting for users not to give it any attention. Still, if you keep resorting to this method, you won’t be happy with the results. There is a degradation in performance over time due to repeated reboots. The gadget becomes less efficient and has more technical difficulties as a result.

Any moment is a bad time for a technological problem. It is suggested that additional troubleshooting steps be taken before resorting to a complete system restart. Here’s what needs to be exactly done:

  1. Install the Latest Firmware

No credible expert in the field of technology would advise against using this approach. New updates enhance the device’s security and performance, as well as address any flaws that may have been present before they were installed.

So, make sure the firmware is constantly up to current. Updates installed on a regular basis enhance a device’s performance. In addition, whenever you update the firmware, you are prompted to alter the password. For the safety of the gadget, this is a positive development.

  1. Maintain a Cool Temperature

Your WiFi repeater’s poor performance might be due, in part, to the fact that it overheats easily. In all likelihood, your extender keeps working day and night.

Overheating causes a slowdown in processing speed. If the internal temperature of your extender is more than 115 degrees Fahrenheit, you should turn it off immediately. We can easily solve this problem. Simply turn off the appliance and remove the power source. Let the temperature return to normal first.

  1. Maintain tidiness and orderliness

Having dirt seep in between the cracks and clog the workings of the internal mechanisms is a negative thing for any system. Maintaining the cleanliness of your extender after completing the Victony setup process is always recommended.

You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but please don’t use any kind of liquid or chemical to do this. Use a gentle brush and clean fabric.

  1. Make Use of a USB-Powered Cooling Fan

If your WiFi range extender is becoming too hot, purchasing a USB fan might be a great help. This is a cheap solution to a wide range of technical issues.

Connecting it is as easy as plugging it into the repeater’s USB port. Warm air is expelled, and the environment within the system is kept comfortable.

  1. Inspect the Power Inputs

It should be routine practice to verify that the WiFi repeater is receiving an adequate power supply. One of the most prevalent causes of gadget malfunction is using an unsuitable supply.

You may verify by shaking the power cord and the WiFi repeater. Test to see whether the light levels stay the same. The best course of action is to seek out a power outlet that can give enough electricity supply. Okay, try connecting your devices to the internet and seeing if it fixes the issue.


To resolve issues caused by an overloaded extender, for example, you must first force a reset of the device. Your WiFi range extender’s memory fills up from constant usage, causing it to behave erratically. In such a situation, resetting the extender helps relieve its load, allowing it to transmit WiFi signals to previously unreachable locations. However, you have to go for the Victony WiFi extender setup process again after resetting the extender.