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Buying an Engagement Ring? Here are Some of the Different Styles You can Choose From

Diamond Engagement Rings
Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

When you have an engagement ceremony scheduled to take place in the next couple of days, you need to put in some time and effort behind choosing a suitable ring for the occasion. The ring should be special as you will be preserving it for a lifetime.

While looking for a diamond engagement ring, you get a plethora of styles to choose from including solitaire diamond engagement rings, classic diamond engagement rings, halo diamond engagement rings and three-stone engagement rings. Whether you are looking for vintage diamond rings or diamond engagement rings, the right online store to buy an engagement ring would be Providence Diamond Fine Jewelry.

Here Are Some of the Different Engagement Ring Styles You Can Choose From:


When you are interested in investing in a traditional diamond engagement ring, you should consider buying a solitaire diamond engagement ring. This type of ring is also recommended for those who have an affinity towards jewelry that looks elegant and simply. A conventional solitaire diamond engagement ring features a single diamond piece placed above the ring.


For the longest time, halo has continued to be one of the most preferred styles for diamond engagement rings. The stone, which remains at the center of a halo diamond engagement ring, is one of its major highlights. The central stone is surrounded by pave-set diamonds that come together to create a beautiful border. By reflecting light on the primary stone, the halo stones make it appear brighter than it really is.


Three-stone style, also referred to as the trilogy style, is mostly preferred by those who are absolute romantics at heart. For several reasons, a three-stone engagement ring proves to be one of the most ideal options for an engagement. The three stones on the ring serve as a symbolic representation of one’s past, present and future.


If you want to opt for a diamond ring setting that looks robust and secure, you should go for a bezel engagement ring. Here, the stone is put in one position with the help of a metallic border. When you use this ring, there is no chance of the gem popping out and falling on the floor. Because of the way it has been designed, it can be worn on an everyday basis without any worry.

Double Diamond

This particular engagement ring style works wonderfully for those who love diamonds. As the name suggests, it features two sparkling diamonds. This feature helps the ring stand out in a huge way. The two diamonds are also symbolic of you and your partner sharing a life together. Apart from looking absolutely gorgeous, a double-diamond engagement ring strongly represents the union of two individuals.


Baroque jewelry has a reputation for being decorative and elegant. If you have decided to buy a baroque engagement ring, you must opt for one that boasts of some interesting patterns. It must have some distinctive features. Many of the baroque engagement rings have an antique feel to them. That is the reason these are highly preferred by those who like vintage diamond rings.


When you are looking for a design that looks unique and beautiful at the same time, you should opt for a swirl engagement ring. The round-cut center stone and the bypass shank contribute greatly towards making it look stylish and sophisticated. The setting of the ring is truly unique, and you realize that when you have a closer look at it.

Buying an engagement ring proves to be quite a fun process as you get to choose from a wide range of styles and designs.