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Everything To Know About Bridal Ring Sets


Planning for a wedding is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and consumes a lot of time. From deciding the date to venue to wedding dress to jewellery, everything has to be done in a well planned manner. But once everything is properly done, it looks no less than a fairy tale! One of the most important tasks that takes a lot of time is choosing the perfect bridal ring set. This set is not just a formality to be fulfilled during the wedding ceremony. It is something more than that. It has a lot of emotions and sentiments. It symbolises love, trust, companionship and eternal bonding. It represents the union of the two precious souls for lifetime. Therefore, bridal ring sets (bridal ring sets UK) have a major role to play.

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Let us now have a look at some of the interesting facts about the bridal ring sets.

What is a bridal ring set?

A bridal ring set consists of an engagement ring and a wedding band that compliment and match each other. It is worn by the bride as the name suggests. You will find these rings in the same colour and style that seamlessly fit to the bride’s finger. For instance for emerald engagement rings (emerald engagement rings UK), the wedding bands are chosen in such a way that they match with the colour of the gemstone and the style of the ring. Sometimes the bridal ring sets are integrated into a uniform design.

If you have a detailed look at the bridal ring set, you will find out that generally the engagement ring is intricately designed featuring a large gemstone or a diamond or multiple precious stones. If you are looking at black diamond rings for engagement, you will find out that the rings are intricately designed having multiple black diamonds or a single yet large black diamond. But when you look at the wedding band, you will find out that it is simple and well refined. It is designed in such a way that it matches the hue and setting of the engagement ring.

According to the custom, the engagement ring is worn before the wedding. And the wedding band is worn during the ceremony while taking the vows. After wedding some women wear the bridal ring set that consists of both the above mentioned rings on the right finger of the left hand. Generally, the wedding band is placed at the bottom because it is believed that if it is placed at the bottom, it remains closest to the heart. However, you can interchange the position of the rings as per your wish.

The difference between engagement ring, wedding ring and bridal set

As mentioned above, the engagement ring is an intricately designed ring featuring diamonds and gemstones. It is worn by a woman when she is proposed to by her partner. The wedding ring is a simple band that is exchanged and worn by both partners during the wedding ceremony. When you wear both the rings in combination, it becomes a bridal set ring.

The benefits of wearing bridal ring set

The bridal ring sets (bridal ring sets UK) come with a lot of benefits. Some women prefer to wear different types of rings together as a set to get a timeless look. So when you are purchasing a ring for your fiance or bride, it is better that you purchase both the engagement ring and the wedding ring together. Make sure that both the rings compliment each other and match perfectly with each other. It is even better, if you are choosing a bridal ring set that is integrated and uniformly designed. If you are purchasing this bridal set having integrated design, you will save a lot of your money. It is because purchasing two rings may be out of your budget as compared to purchasing a bridal set having an engagement ring and a wedding ring in an integrated manner.

Summing Up

These are some of the interesting facts about the bridal ring sets (bridal ring sets UK). You can choose the best bridal ring set depending upon your preference. If you are a fan of diamonds, go for a bridal ring set having diamonds and if you are a fan of gemstones, make sure that your bridal ring set is having colourful gemstones or the gemstone according to your birth month.